Rey Meets with WWE Docs, Which HOF Inductions Will Air?, Rock Game


– We noted a few weeks ago that WWE trademarked the term “ROCKpocalypse.” We now know that’s for The Rock’s new mobile app. Fans can download the action-adventure game on iOS and Android. Here is the logo:

Rockpocalypse logo

– Rey Mysterio says he flew into Washington, DC yesterday to meet with WWE doctors. He tweeted:

“On my way back to CALI, went to DC 4 check up, WWE dr. Said PT is going good! C u wm!”

– Based on commercials airing for the WWE Hall of Fame special that airs on USA next Tuesday, it looks like WWE will only be airing the inductions of Bruno Sammartino, Trish Stratus and Donald Trump. notes that there are people within WWE who aren’t happy that Foley isn’t being featured.

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