Ric Flair the Reason for WWE “Retiring” Jim Ross from the Company


As noted earlier, WWE reported that Jim Ross has announced his retirement from the company. According to F4WOnline,  Ross was in Connecticut last night and only a handful of people in Vince McMahon’s inner circle knew what was going on.

There was talk directly after Ric Flair’s behavior at the 2K Sports symposium last month of Ross being let go from the company. WWE felt that Ross should have controlled Flair once Flair started going off the handle. Reportedly there was  heat on Flair for talking about his late son, Reid.  WWE was also upset about Flair joking about John Cena not drinking before they met, and now Cena drinks a six pack of beer every night.

The retirement announcement was WWE’s  plan for the company to save face from a PR standpoint and to avoid an uproar. The plan for the announcement was made earlier this week.

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    • The WWE doesn’t deserve him or Flair! The WWE is a sinking ship that loses fans every day. And it’s Vince’s fault. I would be pleasantly surprised or rather shocked if the WWE is around in 20 years. They are going the way of the Republican party! In the ground for their final rest!

      • your an absolute gob s***e who clearly knows nothing about the business or the booking, the guy is in his 60`s and has nothing to offer television anymore why not become a road agent or help new talent , its not about ric flair anymore, the reason why this business is so good and why it keeps developing and morphing into something else is because of social economics look at the big campagins run by wwe with twitter and facebook etc, Ric was good no doubt but he should have retired at WM 24 , He got a great send off, I know more about Wrestling then you ever will ,

  1. Great job Ric Flair. You managed to help cost poor JR his job. Continue your irresponsible sophomoric behavior, and continue influencing people while your at it.

    • I don’t see how this is Flair’s fault. WWE corporate overreacted. It’s not as if the mainstream media picked it up. I saw the video and it wasn’t bad. Flair was endearing and funny. Yes he went on and on but nobody had the heart to tell Flair to shut up. He was having fun and he made it fun for the panel, the fans, and 2k sports. At the end of the day it’s all about entertainment. Isn’t that what World Wrestling Entertainment supposed to be about?

      • He was funny for a bit and then went from irritating to annoying to just pathetic. At one point you could see Paul Heyman’s look of utter disgust and that said more than Flair’s 30 minutes of blabbering the same stories I read in his autobiography.

      • Mainstream media didn’t pick it up? Really? Hate to break it to you BJ, but highlights from the whole weekend were shown on SEVERAL media outlets. Pay attention there buddy..

  2. OMG RIc flair should have retired from the business when michaels beat him at WM24 , this guy is a leech on the business and is a disgrace to pro wrestling and now the guy as caused the greatest anouncer this business has ever had Jim Ross, f*** off flair,

    • Vince never liked JR because he knows more about Vince’s business than Vince does. JR was a much better commentator than Vince ever was. He also got Vince the talent that helped him win the Monday Night Wars. Anybody with deep enough pockets can whip out a checkbook and steal a territory’s top guys but JR could find an unknown or underutilized talent and see their potential.

    • And YOU should never call yourself a pro wrestling fan because your disrespect to the greatest ever(Ric Flair) is a major insult to all of us who grew up watching and being thoroughly entertained by this man. Ric Flair represents everything that is good about the business! He IS Pro Wrestling! But then again a mindless person such as yourself with zero knowledge of the rich history of pro Wrestling wouldn’t know that to begin with!

  3. Now get rid of Hulk and Bischoff and hire JR to run your company TNA #DoTheRightThing. You’re already blew you shot at landing Heyman who would have already doubling your rating or at least made the show more entertaining by now.

    • It’s more like the other way around, brother. People that know the inside workings of the biz know of Bret Hart’s shenanigans. Hart was full of crap but Flair was right in everything he said about the hitman. Take the word of a Pro Wrestling historian.

  4. There is also the possibility that Ross was fired due to a comment he himself made at that press junket. He said he would love to be doing on air announcing but that it wasn’t his call to make, implying the reason he isn’t on tv was because Vince McMahon wants it that way. Ric Flair going offscript may have just sealed the deal.

  5. So they force Ross out instead of reprimanding Flair? Trust me, this is not a “retirement” so JR can do other things. It’s a “Vince is pissed that someone he pays acted like an ass so he has to make someone an example before the stockholders s*** on his profits.”

    • This PG direction and WWE’s monopoly on the business is why the talents are walking on eggshells and afraid to open their mouths and be themselves. They’re job scared. Flair made what could have been a boring affair fun. Maybe the symposium wasn’t the time or place but what’s done is done. And really, what harm did Flair do? Yes, WWE could have strongly reprimanded Flair if they felt the need to but firing JR is extreme.

      • Hey BJ, let me ask you something. Lets say you are the CEO of a multi million dollar corporation and you hire someone whose main job it is to hire extraordinary talent and help mold them into men and women who that company would be proud to put forth. Lets THEN say that person you hired spent the whole 20 years he was working for you talking crap behind your back because he didn’t have the balls to say it to your face and then caps it off with the embarrassment that was the WWE 2K14 weekend. He was loaded just like Flair was but Flair isn’t legally employed by WWE, so they cant reprimand him even if they wanted to. His only job was to show up and talk. Ross should have known better.

    • They cant legally reprimand Flair for anything as Flair is not legally employed by WWE. He is on a pay per appearance agreement but is NOT an employee of WWE or any of its subsidiaries. Therefore, his closest friend, who, by the way, also appeared to be under the influence of something that day, got punished. Fair or not, that’s business.

        • You’re missing the point. He was paid for his appearance but is not technically employed by WWE. Therefore, there is no further action they can take against Flair concerning that appearance. They can decide to no longer have Flair appear at events. That’s about all they can do. The action against Ross is because when WWE decided to use Flair again, it was with the stipulation that Ross could keep him out of trouble.

  6. I don’t know what Ross could have done to shut Flair up, but ross was in the tank as well and maybe that was the reason they had had enough. Without sounding like a prude, I do think it’s a bit pathetic of Flair to continue to judge people by the amount they can drink. It’s one of the few “old school” macho b.s. labels that I’ve never understood. If Flair looked in the mirror, he would get a sobering reality check that even compared to 10 years ago he looks horrible, withered, drunk and certainly not the same man who thrilled people all over the world for decades. Now, he can’t even pay his credit card bills in restaurants. He needs either a rehab or just a stone reality check. I wish him well.


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