Ryback Says He May Quit Wrestling, 30 Seconds of Jake’s DDT, WWE In 5


– Below is the latest WWE In 5 video:

– WWE’s latest 30 Second Fury looks at Jake Roberts’ DDT:

– Ryback has been back at it on Twitter again today but has not deleted any tweets. Here’s what he wrote:

“Would like to thank the internet community for all of the support through these confusing times. Not sure where my career stands I may quit.”

“Just got a call from Norm McDonald and Chubbs from Happy Gilmore. Very excited about these new projects we r working together on. Stay tuned”

“Only thing I ask from all of u the great internet community is follow me get me to a million followers and declare me your king. KingBigGuy”

“Last night at my last show the crowd chanted Ryback and Ryback Rules clap clap clap over and over. I thank you it will forever be remembered”

“I have enough I am done.”

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