Ryder Continues to Complain, Cena Hypes Raw Match Again, More


– Zack Ryder continues to express his frustration of not being on Raw, writing on Twitter, “SPOILER ALERT! Tonight LIVE on @WWE #RAW…Long Island Iced Z vs. Catering!”

– Roman Reigns commented on tonight’s Raw, writing on Twitter, “Justice lives! The fight moves forward! #RAW #WWEDallas #BelieveinTheShield”

– John Cena continues to hype his match against CM Punk on tonight’s Raw, writing on Twitter, “2nite #raw @JohnCena v @CMPunk #thunderdomeindallas winner faces @TheRock at WM29! Live 2nite do not miss it! #ourtimeisnow”

Big News on Undertaker Not Facing CM Punk at WrestleMania This Year….


      • No offense but there is nothing special about Ryder. Persona is awful, worst special move since Kizarny, and horrific entrance music, and an annoying catch phrase (a somewhat insult to Flair). It’s hard to see how some people can buy into something that is below average at best. This is just my opinion.

        • insault to flair,flairs entire gimmic was some1 elses and kizary///what kind of lame ass mark crap is that and is finisher was a double arm ddt to a pin, really not that bad. and you can hate ryder but he does have a large fan base


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