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Scott Hall’s First Message Since Moving in With DDP

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As noted earlier, Scott Hall moved in with DDP and Jake Roberts earlier this week to undergo the DDP YOGA program. Page had released videos that showed a phone call where Hall agreed to move in with Page and Roberts. The videos were removed shortly after.

Scott Hall admitted that he first saw the videos a couple of days ago, but that said he wanted them back online.

“It came to my attention a day and a half or so ago when I was in Florida that there was an unflattering recording of a phone call of me talking to Dallas and Jake that I have no memory of, and apparently I was very intoxicated at the time. Dallas and I were talking on the phone and he offered to pull it down… and I said, yeah, yeah, pull it down. Having arrived here in Atlanta now and after seeing it, I just want to say that I don’t recommend that kind of behavior, I’m not endorsing it. It’s been my story, I’m Scott Hall and I approve these message.”

Page said that Hall is currently getting “the lay of the land,” and that everyone is working together to help him.

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