Several New Champions Crowned at TNA Bound For Glory


– Robbie E and Jesse Godderz became the new TNA Tag Team Champions by defeating James Storm and Gunner at Sunday’s Bound For Glory pay-per-view. They were accompanied by Mr. Olympia Phil Heath. This their first run with the tag team titles.

– Chris Sabin became the new TNA X Division Champion at last night’s pay-per-view. He got the win after forcing girlfriend Velvet Sky to be a distraction. This is Sabin’s 7th reign with the X Division Title.

– Gail Kim became the new TNA Knockouts Champion at Bound For Glory after Lei’D Tapa helped her win the match. This is Gail’s third run with the Knockouts Title.

– In the No DQ main event of last night’s pay-per-view, AJ Styles defeated Bully Ray to become the new World Heavyweight Champion. This AJ’s second run with the TNA World Heavyweight Title.

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    • Jeff Retardy! I LIKE THAT! I say let’s get TNA shut down. It would do the wrestling industry a LOT of good.

    • Well, these are the diehards living in WWE yesteryears, that’s all… Remember… TNA story lines = WWE’s creative works re-used (and quite poorly, too).

    • Your comment is amusing, its funny how WWE is ruling world wide in the ratings, in attendance, in storylines, in talent, in merchandise, in media attention, in sales AND doing it right now in 2013, will continue to do in 2014-15-16-17-18-19-………. and now go back and read ur stupid little comment saying “TNA rules:, HAHAHA yeah they rule for sure HAHAHA

  1. When the same people who were main eventing 10 years ago are STILL main eventing, the company needs to add fresh faces. EC3 is not the solution.

    • what is EC3, and i agree, i rather have ROH replace the time slot on SPIKE, just because they focus on more of thre wrestling aspect

  2. TNA Impact is awesome!! All the haters need to just stop acting so big and bad. Anyone can hide behind a computer. So for all you dorks out there who want to hate on TNA because of your horrible daddy issues, just go eat some yogurt and shut up.

    • Behind computers? HAHAHA ur funny, FACTS hurt don’t they. I ain’t a TNA hater, I am just honest and realistic, you can check ratings, attendance they speak volumes. I guess if we don’t say things like “TNA RULES” or “TNA is the best”, we are haters to you. Give me a break. Sit the f*** down and finish your cheerios little man.


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