Several WWE Stars Comment on Tonight’s Raw Episode


– Fandango has posted a few more messages about his dance off against Chris Jericho on tonight’s episode of Raw.

Fandango @WWEFandango
Me in a #danceoff against @IAmJericho is like a Formula One car in race against a tricycle. #RawIsFandango

Fandango ?@WWEFandango
Hey A dancing tip for @Edyta_Sliwinska: Avoid breathing through your nose when dancing with @IAmJericho #RawIsFandango #danceoff

– Zack Ryder continued to tease change, writing on Twitter, “#Raw tonight…the baby steps continue. #NewWOO”

– Zeb Colter commented on tonight’s Raw episode, writing on Twitter, “Headed to #wwetulsa tonight. We’re in limbo over #extremerules and how that is playing out. Might have to ask @JCLayfield for strategy.

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