Speculation on McCool Returning to WWE, CM Punk’s Return to RAW


– CM Punk is scheduled to return to WWE RAW on next Monday’s show from Chicago. The beatdown at Night of Champions only got him one week off to rest and heal up.

– As noted, Michelle McCool and The Undertaker were working out at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando last week. One source noted that McCool looked amazing, better than when she was wrestling for WWE.

A year ago she was in serious talks about coming back but the feeling is that now would be a good time to return because she could make it back in time to set up a run leading to a WrestleMania XXX payoff.

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Source: F4Wonline.com


  1. Ugh that’s all we need another talentless diva back with an annoying voice. She sucks & obviously the only reason she’d be back was cuz of Taker’s influence

    • Lmao what McCool is a great wrestler are you hi? There are a lot of talentless divas but she’s not one,McCool takes wrestling seriously she’s trains in the ring and in mma a lot at least she did when she was active.

      • Maybe but lets see her in an MMA match & see how she does? lol I’m a bit spoiled cuz I watched women like Trish, Lita, Mickie wrestle & I see the crap they have now. The only way I figure they got their jobs Naomi, Aksana-ugh the Bella’s-is by BJing someone in the back, probably Vince & his posse cuz they clearly have no talent in any other REAL jobs

        • I agree with allan that Michelle McCool can wrestle, obviously you forgot about the feud that she had with Mickie James before Mickie dropped the ball and jumped to TNA. They had some classic matches, and speaking of classics, you obviously forgot the diva that kicked Trish, Lita and Mickies asses combined, I am referring of course to the Glamazon Beth Phoenix who also had a major feud wuth McCool when McCool was a part of Layla and Le Cool. Also your diva history, McCool was the first woman to hold both the WWE Womens championship and the Diva’s title before they dropped he wwe womens title and made it the divas championship. As for the women today, three can actually hold their own in the ring, and of course i am referring to Katelyn, who was trained by Victoria aka Tara from TNA; AJ who actually can wrestle and of course Natalya Neidhart who has been wrestling since she was like 9.

          • Ur right I did forget about Beth Phoenix but she like others left cuz Vince cares about women as mostly eye-candy & not their wrestling except for AJ. Why u think Kaitlyn or Natalya isn’t the champ? Cuz Vince thinks they’re not sexy enough to make him money. Was Natalya ever champ before? I can’t remember. And as for Michelle do u think she would’ve had as a big a run if she wasn’t with Taker? Seriously think about it

          • I don’t even remember & that’s all that needs to be said; she’s been wasted crying or farting or some crap. That’s why I have more respect for girls like Mickie, Gail Kim, & Kong who leave cuz of the backstage politics.

          • Fair enough, it’s a shame because Natalya is a hell of a talent and they could be using her far better. Pretty sure they fired Kong after she went on mat leave, which is garbage. Kong, Nattie, Beth, AJ & Kaitlyn could have probably had some really good matches between them all.

          • natalya did hold it for a short time, i think it was for like three weeks, and she dropped it to the Bella twin that won the title i forget which one, that was before the era of Kelly Kelly, who couldnt wrestle worth a lick, but she worked hard and I gave her respect because she never gave up. She was one of the first women to get out of the Glam Slam. Kelly was trained by both Adam (Edge) and Chris Jericho who showed her a few moves. As for Katelyn not being pretty, i give her a lot of credit, she does look like an albino but thats her style in real life. Cause if you remember when Trish Stratus came to wwe she was a former lingerie model who didnt know a wrestling hold to a wrestling boot.

          • and here’s another fact: Vince is only going to push people who either very good wrestlers, talkers, etc. or if ur good buddies with him, HHH, taker, etc. otherwise they don’t care. Ask Koffi, John Morrisson, & so many more why they’ve never been WWE/World champs. Great talent but why weren’t they pushed to the top? Politics my friend & that’s the cold hard truth

          • I do agree with mcmahon though, i don’t think John Morrison would win in a real fight. But yer right, he was hit hard with politics. I think Kofi’s different. I’d like to see him w/o the gimmicks, and just be the straight up performer that he is. But I know he sells good merch to the kids, so we’re gonna have to live with the remanance of his former Jamaican gimmick for a bit longer.

    • Lmao what McCool is one of the good ones when she was active she trained in mma and in the ring all the time, she also destroyed her body for the wwe. And you really don’t know Mr McMahon… He would fire hhh today if it was best for business. Same with McCool not that taker doesn’t help but she can survive on her own marit.

  2. Dang i would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to see Michelle back. Teach them current diva biatches there how to freaking wrestle!

  3. What I remember Skinny Bones McCool for was her on-screen relationship meltdown with Chuck Palumbo, who ended up being released from the WWE and wrestling in Mexico. I didn’t find her too impressive. My favorite divas of that time were Trish Status and Mickie James. They could really work, unlike Sunny Sytch, who was only good for other things.


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