Spoiler Photo: What Name Will TNA’s Mystery Investor Be Using?


– As noted, former WWE Superstar MVP was revealed as TNA’s new mystery investor at today’s Impact Wrestling tapings in Glasgow, which will air tonight.

MVP did not cut a promo and the episode ended right after he was revealed so we don’t have confirmation on what name he will be using but in the photo below, he is holding up his “MVP” pendant which could mean he will be using that name:

Photo of MVP s TNA Debut

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  1. This is beyond ridiculous… TNA is about as good as the idea of the XFL. Waste of money, TV time, space, etc. No one gives a rat’s ass about the moron investing in such a horrible product…

  2. This is why TNA is having trouble (a small part of it anyways) you can’t do a big announcement like this unless its live. WWE buying WCW Didn’t leak..because it happened live..Monday Night Raw is ..RAW. because it happens as it happened..the are at times writing the show as it happens…I dunno..just seems like a mistake to tape what happens with a big announcement…before it ‘happens’..on a side note…is MVP wealthy enough to honestly be a viable investee of a company like this? Honestly I’m asking because I have no idea..but from where I sit..he was only a flash in the pan with wwe..and wasn’t a true main event we…where did this money come from?

    • you do know its a work, the fact is that tna stock isn’t actually trading even though the lawyer said the investor brought enough stock to control

    • If the wcw buyout didn’t leak, then why did I know about it before the episodes aired? S***, it was the only reason I watched nitro that night, cause I hated wcw, but hadn’t actually watched wrestling in over a year, so that didn’t matter. Secondly, and let me spell this out for you, IT WAS IN SCOTLAND! Do you know what time it would’ve been over there, to air here at 9 est?

  3. Sadly i must agree no way MVP can afford to invest in this kind of product like this. Rick Flair was more beliable than MVP.


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