Spoiler Update on Hulk Hogan Possibly Leaving TNA


– TNA taped a major angle at the end of last night’s Impact Wrestling tapings, to air next Thursday, that may be the exit of Hulk Hogan from the company.

We’ve noted how Hogan’s contract is up on October 1st. Last night’s appearance at the tapings was Hogan’s last scheduled appearance under this contract. Both sides have been in talks for a new deal but nothing has been signed or agreed on. Because it was Hogan’s last scheduled appearance, TNA chose to shoot a potential exit for him.

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Source: PWInsider

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    • lol he burned many bridges with both Triple H and Steph, McMahon might want him back but those two won’t.

      • If Vince does hire him back he’d be making a mistake. Hogan’s all about the money and has been for 10 years, god knows he needs all he can get.

        • Yeah but the Hulkamania bit is getting dryer and dryer. Yes it’s going to live forever because of the money it brought in the 80’s, 90’s, and early 2000’s. But that cash cow has began to run dry within year 2 of Hogan’s time in TNA. I would say do like Nash, Flair, DDP, and Foley and give him a Legends deal.

          • I’m not trying to be mean but you are looking at it from a corny point of view. I’m not talking about Hulk Hogan the character. I’m talking about Hulk Hogan the person. (He legally changed his name) He draws because people like hi. Most of the new people hear of his character but he’s a real person that knows how to draw a crowd. Did you hear the boos when they announced he was out of town. He’s not a wrestler anymore but he’s still a draw. That’s why TNA is still on tv.

          • It’s surprising TNA is still on the air with their abysmal ratings. Plus, crowd noises can be manipulated. WWE has done it numerous times. As for the Hogan ordeal, none taken. It’s just an opinion is all it is.

          • Brad you are right on the money on the crowd noises. Bischoff did it all the time in WCW [ the Goldberg chants were piped in ] and for a long while he began piping in boos and cheers in TNA, however both the audience and the wrestlers found this distracting so the piped in audience reaction was nixed.

          • I know about the fake noise and I agree that TNA is surprisingly still on the air. I didn’t know she has been involved in the company for 11 years though. She needs Hogan around because he knows the business and they need Jeff around because he can run the business. They have a lot of WCWish ways which are annoying. ROH, now there’s a promotion. I actaully sat thrugh a 30minute match between Michael Elgin and Kevin Steen. None of the are steroid kings or have the body beautiful thing going on but they are great toi watch. The skill as well as endurance they showed was wonderful. Now that’s worth getting on a struggling promotion. Entertainment is when wrestling is king.

        • Well guess what; so is everyone else. Name me one superstar that turns it down. I don’t think he wants to go back and Hunter, it seems, doesn’t want want anyone his age (meaning Hunter), let alone older there. Variety is the spice of life but there needs to be more in ring action that factions. People love to throw the word old around like it’s dirty and unforgivable. Everyone does it. sorry if you didn’t know it. Everyone can’t stay 25 and you need people to show you from time to time what 50 and older looks like, feels like, and relates. I hate shows that think all you want to see is one type or age range of people. Golden Girls was smart enough to realize they needed to mix so why can’t these promotions.

      • Yeah, Trevor, TNA has done PLENTY of it’s own stupid things, like paying NFL and MMA stars HUGE sums of money only to have them NOT DO ANYTHING, and in case of Tito and Rampage, have Bellatore pull them out mid-angle leaving TNA with even more trouble as they now have to alter the storylines and never banked on the investment they put into those two guys.

        • I am not knocking TNA at all. The thought just passed through my head, found it funny, and I said to myself,” I am going write that as a comment. People will find that hilarious.” I meant no harm by my comment.

          • I get ya. Keep in mind though TNA has some pretty goofy screw-ups in their closet as well. That whole turkey outfit gimmick they did every Thanksgiving comes to mind…

          • I can understand a one time thing but now TNA is pretty much a walking infomercial for Bellatore. Their talent are busting their asses off in the ring and Tenay and Taz seem more interested in telling the fans to watch Bellatore. Why don’t they just say “Hey our product sucks but watch the show that’s on right after us”?!?!

            Tenay and Taz should be putting over their own talented wrestlers, not another sport.

          • Do you ever see the other Spike programs go out of their way to plug TNA constantly?!?!

            TNA is going on and on about how great MMA is that they forget to say good things about their own product and the fans aren’t caring anymore!

    • There ratings r not low,compared to wwe yah but spike is very happy with the ratings. PS the only time TNA ever got a raw rating was when hogan was in that tag match

      • Are you sure Spike IS happy with the ratings? What about the sponsors? Maybe a few execs at SPIKE feel ok with the ratings, but there are others that probably feel differently, and these “happy” execs can always be replaced, just like IMPACT. And you yourself just defeated yourself by saying that TNA has only got RAW equivalent ratings just ONCE since Hogan came onboard. Your own statement seems to imply Hogan was not worth the investment TNA put into him, which is one of the reasons they are in financial difficulties right now!

        • Look it up bro spike is very happy with the ratings if TNA goes in the toilet it will be at there own hand not there networks

          • I don’t buy into those press releases about Spike being happy with the ratings, they say that for the public’s ears. Just a few months ago there was some doubt if Spike would renew their contract with TNA, which seems to have scared the crap out of TNA management since Spike is their only source of profit at this point. It’s about this time that TNA decided to start making cutbacks.

          • I’m sure you don’t buy a lot of facts you seem like that type of person but its true, just because you have some mad hate on for TNA doesn’t make it true I’m tired of defending TNA to you there doing just fine without you.

          • I don’t have mad hate for TNA. I have anger towards TNA management for destroying the opportunities guys like Aries, Styles, Roode, Daniels and Joe had to become stars. And No, TNA is NOT doing fine. They are LOSING MONEY like an insomniac loses sleep. They had to cut down to four pay per views a month and even those don’t sell anymore. Their toyline has pretty much disappeared from toy shelves. And they have no established young star to carry them into the future, only guys who will be out of the company by the end of the year. What happens when Sting leaves? Where does that leave Main Event Mafia? Hogan is pretty much out the door already. Angle and Hardy have had history with substance abuse so it’s not a good idea to give them the ball. Bully Ray is doing the same tired routine over and over again, and it isn’t fun now that Devon isn’t around. And keep in mind these guys all expect to get paid, which TNA is not doing. Paychecks are way behind. How long do you think they’re going to hang around wrestling out of the goodness of their hearts?

  1. Oh. Noooo, hogan is the only reason I watch TNA!! I mean I’ve been watching TNA since 2002 just waiting 10 years for him to arrive… They should just fire all the talent and make it the hogan show

  2. Russo been gone for while just get rid bisch, bring back Jeff Jarrett and bring former windy city pro wrestling promoter Sam Decero.
    Sam has been in wrestling for over 10 years and ran the best local wrestling promotion in IL for a decade.(forgot to mention that he was also the trainer of Christopher daniels (on 1/3rd of EGO) I can see Sam come back and be the head of EGO)

  3. I had to laugh. Last night’s TNA was pretty good. The best part was when Dixie called Hulk Hogan an employee on national television lol. Vince never called Hogan an employee. The only thing that would have made it better is if she had called him talent LOL. He’s a really good sport and my heart has softened about him over the years. He doesn’t seem out for himself like it appeared when he was in WWF/WCW. I know he’s loyal to his family and friends and if he really goes I’ll kind of miss him.

    • It was a different time its the same reason hogan doesn’t have any real power its because he’s in a different place in his life I mean he’s still a mainstream but really they don’t need him,wrestling doesn’t need him he couldn’t get Kenny king fired if he wanted

      • No that’s Eric Hogan likes people of different ethnicities lol. I forgot he was still in TNA which is sad. He left ROH because he wasn’t getting a chance and he comes here wins one title and gets shelved for 3 months. I have to disagree with you. Hogan can get people fired in both organizations if he was mean enough. He’s a draw whether he talks or flexes. He could tell Vince that this guy or that guy is wearing thin and Vince would tell Hunter to fire him. Hogan still packs a punch but he’s smart enough to know how fast it fades. Look at poor Ric Flair. People still love him and need him but he’s falling apart and become unreliable.

        • He can’t hogan is powerless these days he has s*** for pull his talentless daughter would still be with TNA if that was the case.

  4. I don’t know how they wanna renew Hogans contract with the downward spiral they’ve been going on ever since he came aboard. Nobody expected them to be competitive with the WWE, but I think everyone will agree that at least some improvement in the company would’ve been expected.
    Aces of Eights. Main Event Mafia. Bad Influence.Ken Anderson. Jeff Hardy. All failures. If they’re gonna turn this thing around, they can start by picking up where they left off. That’s by pushing their young stars and building from within first. Once they begin to grow, they can try to add quality free agents. John Cena and Randy Orton are 2 guys that can benefit from a change of scenery. Although it is highly doubtful they’ll jump because they’re too attached to being in the WWE, its just an example. Its time for a new sheriff to take over.

    • bad influence? u watch any chris daniels matches? he is amazing if you give him an opportunity on the big stage he will do things you cant see in wwe daniels is something else, sure bad influence needs a bigger push and a better storyline then they will work, aces and eights, main event mafia, tna screwed up there should have done better. when Anderson jumped ship to tna he was great tna have messed up with his gimmich. as for jeff hardy, the amount of fans who watch tna for him is crazy, definitely wouldn’t call him a failure

      • I will give you Daniels. OK. He’s talented. As for Hardy, yes, he has followers. But his drug problems have slowed him down.


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