Stephanie Being Called WWE Owner, Mysterio Update, Kassius Ohno


– Kassius Ohno will return to action on this week’s episode of WWE NXT. He sent a message to Luke Harper:

– Rey Mysterio noted on Twitter that he’s headed to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando today. He tweeted:

“Very anxious and excited to get back in the ring!”

– As seen on RAW, WWE recently started introducing Stephanie McMahon as “WWE Owner.” This is being done to set up a future angle between Stephanie and Vince McMahon.

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      • Negalist I’ve seen every show since the whole “who’s the boss” thing started and the very RAW after the PPV were Triple H turned on Brian he agreed with Vince, and Stephanie since all she wanted was her family together decided to just go along with whatever they both decided, so the way I see it and probably most WWE fans will see it there is no more need to do any power struggles story lines, specially since the plans they had for Mania at this point are close to impossible.

      • In regards to wrestling , I’m far from clueless. There’s no need for the disrespect dude, it’s OK to agree to disagree. As it relates to this storyline,there was no tie in to Steph and Vince beefing AFTER HHH screwed Danielson the 1st time, so when Ernie asked that above that’s what I was replying to..No need to watch the archives if we all know what he’s talking about.

    • Not a question about bringing him back. Shane O’Mac wants nothing more to do with WWE. He’s busy working on other business ventures.

      • Oh I know that very well, actually glad that he had the balls to walk away from it.Just saying it from a fan perspective…


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