Stephanie Cashes In More WWE Stock, New Vignettes for Los Matadores


– Here are the latest vignettes for Los Matadores:

– We’ve noted how Stephanie McMahon has cashed in many shares of her WWE stock over the past few months. She sold another 56,392 shares of WWE stock this past week, bringing in well over $500,000.

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  1. Enough Los Matador crap please. You can wrap 2 pieces of s*** up in fancy tights all you want but they are still 2 pieces of s***

          • raciest thow i do agree that this is gimmick is stupid they trying it again like Tito Santana they have never given any latino a chance to shine except Eddie Guerrero ADR an Misterio becouse they need latinos on the show Primo Epico drop those Halloween custumes and make us Hispanics proud

          • only racist assholes like you don’t even know how to explain why are they talented. also, You don’t have any talent in your nuts because you don’t have any nuts….well, except my nuts in your mouth, that is……Puerco, sucio, asqueroso, eres la verguenza para los italianos, mama verga !! PIPE BOMB !!!!

          • Usually when one calls a person(s) a Piece of S***, it usually implies that said person is the lowest form of humanity possible..While I understand your disdain for Epico and Primo, is unfair to label them “Pieces of S***” just because you personally don’t like them or their PROVIDED gimmick…Not likely they went to creative and said ” Hey We suck so bad , give us Aldo Montoya’s old masks dye them pink and ask Tito for his El Matador tights and call us Los Matadores”..WWE needs something more than the same tag teams, no matter how s***ty the gimmick…Be glad its not Los Conquistadores or Techno-Team 2000…

          • Isn’t America the land of being able to say anything you want? ………. Wait Obama put a stop to that

          • I believe you completely missed the point where I told you ” I understand “…You see I’m one of the few who walk the middle, so like all opinions, there’s no right or wrong…I’ll just agree to disagree

          • I did, I my mistake. I wasn’t thinking you said something harsh or damning me, your not Vince McMahon after all. No harm done

          • Naw Vince is old and kinda cool…Blame HHH and Steph…I hoping for the chance for Shane to come back and “claim the throne”. But it’s cool man, this is a forum we’re not ALL gonna agree

          • True. I dare not go near the forums for which is a better phone Apple or Android.. Answer that wrong and people kill people. Lol

          • Then why isn’t it doing anything except controlling your brain and by the way it’s running on empty in that department as well.

  2. Regardless of how much talent they have, this gimmick is stupid. Seems like something the early 90s WWF s*** out.

  3. Stephenie won’t have any stock after awhile. I wonder who the stock is being bought by and why she is selling it.

  4. Did Vince McMahon decide to open up the old gimmicks storage room and recycle Tito Santana’s old El Matador gimmick? That was garbage back then and still is now. What next, Maybe someone can wear a Red Mohawk and become the new Red Rooster? Maybe when Evan Bourne returns they can put a space suit on him “Max Moon” all over again, maybe you can take Titus O’Neil off TV then bring him back in a voodoo priest gimmick “Papa Shango” just some ideas that might be sitting on Vince McMahon’s desk…


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