Storyline Update on Triple H’s Condition


WWE has posted a video statement presented by Michael Cole explaining why Triple H will not be participating in their weekly sit-down interview for

In the statement, Cole mentions that Triple H suffered a concussion due to the knockout blow by The Big Show on Monday’s Raw. Cole also states that Triple H may have possibly suffered a broken jaw, which may require his jaw to be wired shut.

Cole then goes on to explain that police might issue an arrest warrant for The Big Show on charges of criminal trespassing and assault.

An update on Triple H’s condition will be revealed on this week’s episode of SmackDown.

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  1. They must think all the fans are idiots;

    “Police might issue an arrest warrant for The Big Show on charges of criminal tresp***ing and ***ault.”

    Hmm wouldn’t the Rhodes family be able to press ***ault charges against Triple H, Stephanie and the Shield for the beat down they got on Raw a couple weeks ago then? Cody and Goldy weren’t under any “contract” at the time so they weren’t performers and Dusty may have been an employee but not an active competitor. Dusty could charge Big Show & Stephanie for the KO punch as well. Continuity doesn’t seem to be their strong suit these days.


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