Sunny Admits She Lied About Getting Mugged and Adopting a Child

Posted by on Friday, September 20th, 2013


- WWE Hall of Famer Sunny went on Facebook and admitted that she was not mugged earlier this week and is not adopting a child from Cambodia. Sunny made up these stories to mess with wrestling websites. Here’s what she wrote:

“Soooooo my plan worked!! Every time I put a status on facebook, every wrestling website writer copies it and posts it as their status!! WELL, I guess I got the best of them this time! For the past two days Ive been making up the craziest crap, just to see if they post it as factual news, without checking the facts first!! And yep! They did! Isnt it sad that these “journalists” have no real skills for actual reporting other than copying bogus social media status updates!! Reminds me of a couple years ago, when I said “one of the TNA knockouts was expecting”..remember that??? Yep, I made that one up too to see if they’d run with it… So FANS, Im sorry i had to include you all on this charade, but I DIDNT get mugged, NOR am I adopting a child from Cambodia. And WRITERS, maybe you’ll think twice before you copy my statuses again…it just makes you look gullible and STUPID that you jump on things BELIEVING you have the newest BIG SCOOP, when in actuality, you have nonsense that just makes you look pathetic…… SOOO, stop whacking off, get out of Mommy’s basement, and get a REAL JOB!!! AND FOR ONCE, GIVE US PERFORMERS OUR PRIVACY!!!! HAHAHAHAAH! Ohhhh that was fun!”

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  • CMP

    This chick is pathetic…

  • Noddy Theelf

    Wow. To be lectured by Sunny of all people. She needs to lay off the hallucinogenics as she is “seeing” paparazzi everywhere she turns. Yeah sure thing Sunny, I feel sorry for celebrities like Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and yourself for having to endure those relentless herds of privacy invading paparazzi. I remember the last time you dozed off after shooting some heroin and they put you on the cover of the National Enquirer. Oh just kidding, atleast about the National Enquirer as your level of celebrity isn’t high enough to grace the pages of such a respectable periodical.

  • Mike Arienti

    This is actually pretty funny. The dirtsheet writers got hoodwinked for not being professional about what they’re so passionate about. ALWAYS check things out!

    • Shawn S. Lealos

      If you can’t trust the direct source, who can you trust?

    • Iduhloser

      They got the story supposedly straight from the horse’s mouth.

      • Mike Arienti

        Yup, and they didn’t bother to ask her if she was being serious…

        • Iduhloser

          Normally, people making such posts end it with “just kidding”. Mind you, I’m not losing any sleep over this.

  • The huntress in the night

    I love your work Tammy, best female manager and valet ever, and still looking damn hot. But seriously attention whore much?

    • Iduhloser

      Burning those bridges, she is.

  • Shaun Simpson

    …she posted it herself…she is the most direct source these writers would get on a story about her..thus just makes her an attention whore and a liar. So anything she ever says from here on out needs to be investigated? Doesn’t do much for her already tarnished character…really just a sad story.

  • Iduhloser

    who wants to bet to she’ll claim her FB has been hacked and didn’t post this?

  • Ralph Ramos

    It just goes to show you, never believe a Skank. She’s a has-been, self-serving, shameless attention hound. Be careful gentleman, she’ so nasty she’ll give you STDs with an email.

  • Ryan Pennington

    She just got bored because nobody pays attention to her anymore. No biggie. Sunny doesn’t have a cocaine problem, she just really likes the way it smells.

  • Negatist

    She calls her a performer? Maybe in real life drama, or in porno’s but that’s about it!

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