Sunny Reveals Why She Never Liked Ex-WWE Diva Sable


Hater Nation interviewed WWE Hall of Famer Sunny. During the interview she talked about heat she had with former WWE Diva Sable.

“Basically with her, a lot of people think I had a professional jealously, or that’s what the heat was about, but that completely was not the case. She had her character and her role. I had my character and my role. They were completely different. I was like the all American girl next door that you wanted to bring home to mom and marry. She was like that racy, risqu? kind of a girl that you wanted to bring to a hotel room for an hour and leave her on the curb.

“We had completely different personalities, completely different characters. There was no professional jealousy at all. What it came down to is in all honesty, she’s really not a good person and that’s why I didn’t like her. She didn’t have any fans in the locker room and stuff because of her husband at the time, poor Marc. She said something in the girl’s locker room once that struck a really, really bad chord with me and Terri Runnels and from that day on, nobody had respect for her.

“Basically it was this. She used to bring her eight year old daughter Mariah on the road. I knew that Marc Mero wasn’t Mariah’s dad. So I asked her one day in the locker room in front of Terri Runnels, where’s her real dad? She said oh, you know. He died when she was an infant. He was in a car accident. I said oh my God, I’m so sorry to hear that. This was her reply and this is why I lost all respect for her. She says no, it was the best thing that ever happened to me, because if he never would have died, I never would have met Marc.

“So she said that about her husband and her baby’s father. That the best that ever happened to her was him dying so she would be able to meet Marc. And right then and there I lost all respect for the woman. I mean, that’s just the most selfish, cruel, horrible, inhumane thing to say. You should never be happy that someone that’s that important in your life died. It was just horrible.

“Terri and I looked at each other like did she just say what we think she just said? And from that day on, that’s where she kind of buried herself with her personality and in the locker room with everyone because words got spread around and nobody had respect for her.

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    • I’m curious to know if he was actually upset about that or just had to pretend to care to “save face”.

      • I t’ink it was one of those things that he couldn’t prove, didn’t want to look like an ass trying to prove, and also realized there wasn’t much he could do anyways.

        • I was referring to the fact that he was gay and someone such as Sabu who knew him for a long time only found out after his death.

          • Is THAT (“Oh, Chris was really gay so I slept around with the entire lockerroom”) what she said? And she’s talking about Sable.


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