Sunny Talks More About Her Cancer, Plugs Fundraiser Page

Posted by on Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013


- WWE Hall of Famer Sunny says her doctors visit did not go well this week and her cancer is back. She wrote:

“My doctor’s visit was not good yesterday…Im looking at more surgery and possibly radiation…they surgery they did in May did NOT remove all of my cancer :( I have a long, long road ahead of me!”

Sunny has been plugging a GoFundMe “Sunny Cancer Fund” page that she says was created by a fan named Chris. As of this writing, they have raised $280.00 of their $10,000 goal. While Sunny says the fund was created by a fan, shares from the page and parts of the project indicate that she created the fund.

Obviously Sunny has been met with a lot of criticism from fans. She posted two messages in response:

“For all the disbelievers, Im a patient of Dr. Abdulhey at the Lehigh Valley Women’s Cancer center….I will be needing more surgery and possibly radiation b.c the UCONN med center and their Doc did not take enough tissue out, therefor it has spread to the top of my Vagina. I have extreme scar tissue and growths (polyps) which cause pain and bleeding. When I have the next surgery, I will gladly post the Operative notes as proof. Until then, shut your mouths and when I do, I’ll accept the apologies. Shame on all of you.”

“For my entire life I have donated my money and time to those in need: Animal rescues and welfare groups, Cancer societies, Diabetes charities, Heart disease charities, and INDIVIDUALS who need/needed help with their Medical bills. For instance, I am donating MY PERSONAL TIME to raise money for MO from Men on a Mission on November 30th to help him pay for a kidney transplant. Just this past Friday night, I worked a wrestling show as a benefit for a woman I dont even know to help her with her bills from her Multiple Sclerosis. In November Im donating my time to do a Toys for Tots events for the Marines. Just 2 years ago I donated my time and money for a child with Hydrocephalus in South Jersey. AND ALL OF YOU CONTINUE TO CALL ME A SELFISH BITCH BECAUSE I POST AN AMAZON WISH LIST FOR MY BIRTHDAY!!??!! Every single female in the wrestling business has an AMAZON WISH LIST, but IM THE GREEDY SELFISH ONE?? There was even someone trying to raise money for my ex Damien Darling because he got in a little car accident (where as the car insurance will have taken care of any and all costs…and he got a new car out of the deal). BUT STILL, IM THE GREEDY SELFISH BITCH THAT DOES NOTHING AND BEGS FOR EVERYTHING? I really hope you all realize what you all are doing when you criticize me, and see that Ive ALWAYS given and have NEVER received. And I have no problem with that….giving makes me feel good about myself. But, DONT YOU DARE accuse me of milking ANYONE FOR ANYTHING! I dont even have health insurance, and I need to go through Cancer, Surgery, and Radiation ON MY OWN. So for all of you have judged me wrongly, I hope you choke on your words the next time you speak ill of me….. b/c I dont deserve that, as does anyone else. WEBSITES, you have my permission to post this status. Its time the world sees all the good I do, and how little I ask for in return. I KNOW IM A GOOD PERSON, AND THAT’S ALL THAT MATTERS! May God be with all of you…. he will save your souls, no matter how negative and vindictive your souls have become.”

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  • Fast Eddie

    Back in the day, I made a lot of money thanks to her , and other ex-WWE stars. I would help her out.

  • Ralph Ramos

    I don’t believe her. She cried wolf once. She’s bound to do it again and again. I don’t have sympathy for people like her, who shamelessly will say anything to get attention.

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