Ted DiBiase Has Harsh Words for Ultimate Warrior


WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase didn’t have too many kind things to say about the Ultimate Warrior on this week’s PWTorch livecast. Here is a quote.

“My biggest problem with Jim Hellwig is his lack of respect for our business because he’s not shown that to anybody. The first time I met him was when he and Steve Borden – Sting – came into Mid-South as a tag team. Warrior was never a great wrestler; he was a good character. Yes, he had a lot of charisma. But, unless he had someone in the ring, like me, or any number of other guys who could work, to lead him, he couldn’t work … How many Warrior matches have you seen? And how many are the same? All.”

DiBiase the commented on the topic of Warrior being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame class.

“In my opinion, the Hall of Fame isn’t just about how good you are as a wrestler, it’s about your total contribution to the industry. Knowing his history, it’s kind of like he came in and used the business and everybody else in it.”

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  1. so true that wasnt even a insault really i mean can warrior honestly say he was a good wrestler..he was all gimmic i still remember that match with triple h that was so awful. but seriously the guy had less moves then cena

      • Its no big secret that Warrior was nothing more than a blown-up steroid freak. Say what you will about Hogan and Cena, but at least they knew how to work a match, talk the talk, and where able to withstand the test of time.

      • I think Cena’s “Five Moves of Doom” goes something like this:

        1. Running shoulder tackle

        2. Spinning side slam (which sets up for 3)

        3. Five-Knuckle Shuffle

        4. The “Attitude Adjustment,” or FU, as it used to be known, and finally

        5. The STFU

    • Yeah but what does Ted “High Horse” DiBiase say about those like the Dynamite Kid or Owen Hart, to name a few, who gave up everything to the business and wound up nowhere?

      • U don’t know d*** about wrestling dynamite kid had to quit cuz of steroids and if owwn harts wife would allow it he would b in the hall of fame and had he not died would have been world champion ted dibiase has respect for the buisness and as much as I like the warrior as a character he couldn’t wrestle u never knew what he was saying in his promos and he had to b carried in all of his matches hell Bobby heenan carried the guy through matches so until u have respect and some knowledge of the buisness don’t talk s*** about the million dollar man who by the way his mother was in the business and his dad died in the ring so Im pretty sure he knows what he’s talking about u jerk off

          • They gave everything and ted dibiase respects the fact that they did he doesn’t respect the warrior because who or what did he give respect to and I’m pretty sure the two guys u mention ended up somewhere both were in the wwf and other high profile organizations and territories they gave everything doing what they loved to do

          • Thanks but I understood the article. DiBiase, like other wrestlers and you, get on his “high horse” about the “business” …as if it’s an honorable profession. It’s full of divas, with few exception, whom are full of themselves. He probably said that about Warrior because TD Jr didn’t make the cover of the new WWE game…that’s all.

        • Why so cranky? You shouldn’t converse with adults if you can handle other people having a different opinion. I’ll call your mom and tell her about you being rude to people on the computer.

          • Call my mom she will tell u to shut the f*** up and I don’t give a f*** u can have ur own opinion I was saying my opinion and if u can’t handle it than stay out of grown up conversations

        • It’s hard to take the opinion of someone with your grammar and spelling seriously. It’d business, not business and use some punctuation. Seriously, what are you, 12 years old? As talented as Owen was, I don’t know if he ever would have been world champ. Remember, being champion is not about talent. It’s about who can fill seats and draw tv ratings and ppv buys. Ted Dibiase may have been the better worker, but Warrior sold tickets, that’s why Warrior was champ and Dibiase wasn’t.

          • You’ll have to excuse him, Mr. Stewart. He’s the resident troll aka Alan McCann, Jim Price, Jim Dice, True Fan, and Idolizer.

      • i didnt say ted was great i just agree that even he carried warrior, and if you think warrior is a good wrestlers…well your f***ing crazy lol

  2. Wow iduhloser. You have got to be the biggest idiot I have ever heard of. For one do u not relise that the million dollar mans dad died in the ring, so I think he would kno a lil something about giving it all to the buisness. And I loved the warrior as a kid but the man was an asshole who didn’t respect anyone. Read up on it man. He was a d*** to everyone. You are clueless and you just set wrestling fans back a few notches. Way to go

    • From the looks of your spelling, grammar, and the inability to reply to whomever you’re addressing, Jimmy Price, you are the biggest idiot and from Moron, Ohio. Ha, ha, ha.

      • enough of this grammar crap all anyone ever does here when they get knocked on is make fun of how someone spells. make fun of each other like men not a bunch of grammar school virgins with enough time on there hands as bottles of lube.

  3. I was just surpriesd an ultimate warrior fan can read anyway so grammer an spelling shouldn’t matter. But if that’s all u can come at me with is poor spelling and gramner, then that tells me u realize that your argument about the real issue is non existent. So I guess your fav wtestler was the genius then? And moron ohio is pretty small and needs a mayor……. maybe tou should run you pie eating crotch jockey

  4. Oh and after reading the bull s*** you spewed out with all this high horse garbage made me have to hevely medicate myself so my head wouldn’t explode due to your sheer idiocy. So my grammer may be a lil loose and sloppy…. kind of like your moms rotten baby hole

  5. I have to agree he was not that great he wore facepaint and string colored string tied around his arms ohhh scary and ran up and down like he was on fire sorry no go. I can think of people deserves to be in the hof Rick Rude, Jake the Snake, Owen Hart, Lita, Brutus Beefcake, Randy Savage, and Paul Bearer. All the warrior is today is a taller Ryback. just another wrestler nothing special. He needed someone to save him where as I hate to say it Hogan could work well with others had more moves had a voice.

    • Owen won’t get in because his widow has full control over his estate and won’t allow it, I thought Bearer got inducted this past year and Randy had it written in his will or something that he wouldn’t go in unless they inducted his brother and father along with him as the whole Poffo family.

      • Owen Widow and WWE made peace so he could go in the HOF. And I am sure that the WWE would want to have have Angelo Poffo and have a him both inducted at the same time Sorry the best they could do with lanny poffo is have them induct the two even though he keeps in good terms with the wwe he would understand he just not a legend or a hof.

        • Actually they had an article in one of the papers here in Calgary around the time the Hart Family DVD came out and she was pissed because she didn’t want anything about Owen in it. She stated she stopped allowing her kids to watch wrestling and has essentially done everything in her power to prevent his legacy from being recognized, Last year or the year before Bret essentially said the same thing, most of the family is pissed at her for it. It won’t amount to much of a story anywhere else but here in Calgary anything Hart related usually makes the news in some fashion. I agree that The Genius is not HOF material but if Randy’s condition for ever being inducted into the HOF dead or alive was to go in as a family, that would explain why it hasn’t happened yet.

  6. Next years hall of fame class…… the 3 move warrior, the deadimyte kid and the blue bloodstaine….. how’s that for trolling

  7. There is a MASSIVE difference between Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior!To even compare the two is idiotic!

  8. I think we can all honestly agree, yeah, the ultimate warrior was terrible in the ring. worse than Cena? Yes. But his promo’s were so terrible that they left you baffled for like the first 50% of the promo, then just laughing hysterically the other 50% and continued laughter as you pressed rewind… and replayed it just to see if this crazy person was really saying these things. His mic skils were so bad they were good..


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