The Rock Not Returning for Fast and The Furious 7?


According to, shooting for Fast and The Furious 7 will kick off in August, which may present a problem for The Rock, who will be filming Hercules this summer. The Rock told that it would be impossible to shoot for the film that soon.

“It’s not possible for me because I’m shooting Hercules this summer starting in 6 weeks in Budapest, so, possible for them I’m not too sure. I haven’t heard anything about that and I’m pretty sure I would have gotten a phone call pretty early in the morning if that was the real plan. Not quite too sure though.”

Fast and The Furious 7 is currently scheduled for a release date of July 11th, 2014.

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  1. how come if hercules shoots in 6 weeks, he couldn’t be at least at one last Raw before leaving, oh wait it’s because he doesn’t give a damn

    • Uh, injury and prep work, recovery, I swear wrestling fans whine to much, cm punk is not injured, so I guess he doesn’t give a damn either lol rasslin fans are better yell

  2. Since when is there 7 Fast/Furious movies? Do they even NEED to do another? Move over Friday the 13th and Land Before Time, we’re desperate for sequels of the same washed up recycled crap!


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