The Rock to Get His Own TV Series


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is getting his own TV series on HBO, according to a report by

HBO has ordered a pilot for a half-hour “dramedy” produced by and starring the former WWE Champion. The project will “chronicles the lives of athletes – some retired some still active – living in Miami,” including Johnson.

The project will be co-produced by Mark Wahlberg, who co-starred with Dwayne in the new “Pain & Gain” film.

Rock recently hinted at the project in his “Rock Talk” Twitter Q&A: “After Hercules, I’ll partner up w/ Wahlberg – cool HBO project, then possibly FAST 7 – haven’t decided yet on that. #RockTalk.”

Filming is scheduled to begin this later this fall.

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  1. Let’s see I can see and hear the show now. ” Do you smell what I am cooking.” “I am going to kick your *** or kick your candy ***.” “I am going to lay lay the smack down.” Can we get some new catch phases after 17 or 18 years.


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