Thursday’s TNA Impact Wrestling Rating Is In


Thursday’s “Destination X” episode of Impact Wrestling scored a 1.16 rating and averaged 1.494 million viewers. These numbers are up from last week’s episode, which scored a 0.99 rating and 1.19 million viewers.

On cable TV Thursday night, Impact ranked #30 in overall viewers.

This was the first Impact to top a 1.0 rating since June and the highest-rated Impact since January 24, 2013.

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  1. It’s because you finally had someone new going for and winning the title. That was a good match by the way. The whole night felt like they were sad about the releases of D-Lo Bruce and the missing Taz.

      • I hope not because that means the pay per view they will have won’t be so good now. They are kind of desperate. They are running out of people to fire for money. Why is Garrett Bischoff still in TNA. I know he’s Eric’s son but come on now lets be fair. The guy hasn’t wrestled in two months.

        • Remember they are cutting back on pay per views this year so that will hurt them in the pocket.Garrett is only in TNA because of his father.Sad to say this happens a lot in the business.Just look at Brooke Hogan

          • Well Brook was never slated as a wrestler and she never takes a bump so I know her status. Garrett started out as an active member. He never had to go through gut check like Wes. I think it’s wrong to get rid of Joey Ryan and keep Garrett.

  2. the ratings spike a little all the time. there always near the same or going down just like wwe. its because of the internet.


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