TNA Fires Brooke Hogan


Brooke Hogan has been released from TNA Wrestling according to a report by

No other details are available at the moment but according to the report, they received several confirmations that Brooke Hogan was fired by the company.

The story was actually going around the WWE roster on Thursday but it wasn’t until today that the story could be confirmed.

Backstage News on Why Brooke Hogan was Fired….


  1. Hulk Hogan is way past his prime. He needs to go. TNA need to build on the ‘new’ talent and not depend on the ‘old’ timers.
    The old name wrestlers attract the older crowds. However the new wrestlers are the action of the TNA program. Build on the in ring action, not the microphone work of the old timers.

    • yes but dude like you said those old guys bring in the crowds and then they show them the real talent and thats how they start to come to see them, i shouldnt have to explain how this works. besides its not like hogan does that much he can barely move lol

    • What does Hulk Hogan have to do with Brook being fired? I know he was instrumental in her being hired but I get the feeling that GB and/or WB might be next. I think they are out with the old and related which is sad.

    • Jay I totally agree with you I think they might be bringing some talent in. I think Indy can only say “You also have no Idea how the business works” what a creep thing to say. The last two or 3 weeks without Hulk been wonderful.

      • Rich you like me care about this business and seeing TNA struggle is a bad this for us wrestling fans.Hogan and B****off just do not add anything to the company and by getting rid of high paided talent that adds nothing to the wrestling show is the right way to go.Going young is the only way to go for TNA to have long term success

        • Exactly I could only think what getting rid of those two could bring in for wrestlers. And to bring in the Tv Title again. which who knows where it is. I think they need to write off Sting also I know it sounds bad but he take a step back. Don’t get me wrong I like him I met him 4 times but ten years ago he was also know its uh go back to your self or be like AJ don’t be your MEM.

          • no rich they need hogan to draw the crowds then they will watch the real talent and soon enough people will come to see them not hogan, tna has been doing this forever with alot of guys

          • See that too makes a lot of sense too. I do understand they keep Hogan because he is the biggest hood ornament you can get. But he might be hurting the company and they might be able to get a younger verison of him. He is really hurting a lot of time he hardly can make it to the ring he has a cane. Even Flair doesn’t use that.

    • yes yes yes yes they TNA seems is making McMahon nervious with great matches like ladder match tables ladders an chairs even Utimet X making wwe put better Matches get rid of hogan and bichoff put sting in charge and dixie let jarret run the bussiness

  2. so overpaid just becouse of hogan daughter she be better of as a knockout wrestling not as a crybaby b****

  3. all i got to say to that tranny brooke being fired is 1st off i bet she was fired for not knowing her place. second YES YES YES

  4. She didnt go anything for the knockouts division. Glad TNA is waking up maybe now they can get rid of her father and bischoff and focus on the new generation of superstars. Still pissed they took the belt off of Chris Sabin too soon. Made me think of what happened to Dolph Ziggler every time he won the world title.

  5. One hogan down, 1 more to go. S***, keep hulk, get rid of rampage, Tito, king mo. Aside from the good wrestling on last Thursday, it was just a commercial for bellator which does nothing for tna and their talent.

  6. One word. HA, guess TNA needs to save the money.. The reason she was fired was due to the companies budget restructuring. LOL, I was right……. That never happens

  7. Yet one more venture that Ms. Hogan failed at. Looks like she might have to get a *gasp* “real” job.


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