TNA Impact Wrestling Spoilers – 12/26/13 & 1/2/14

Posted by Steve Carrier on Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

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TNA held another set of Impact Wrestling tapings tonight from Universal Studios in Orlando, FL. Here are results from the event:

Airing on December 26, 2013:

* Rockstar Spud introduces Dixie Carter. Dixie says she has something planned for next week. Jeff Hardy interrupts. Rockstar Spud exchanges words with Hardy, and chokes him. EC3 came out and knocked Hardy out of the ring. Dixie said she wanted to make an announcement. Sting then comes out, and everyone but Dixie leaves the ring. Sting says he has an announcement and also wants to kick the crap out of EC3. Dixie sets up a tag match for later in the night.

Gunner then comes out and interrupts Dixie. Gunner says he wants to cash in his briefcase and get his world title shot. Dixie says Magnus is across the pond celebrating so he will have to take a raincheck. Dixie tries to talk some more but is interrupted by James Storm. Storm says he wants a match with Gunner right now for the briefcase. Dixie makes the match.

* James Storm and Gunner went to a double countout.

* Dixies announces that next week they would have a coronation of Magnus.

* In a handicap match EC3, Spud, and the Bromans w/Zema Ion defeated Sting and Jeff Hardy via roll up with the tights by EC3 on Sting. After the match, Sting and Hardy stayed in the ring. Hardy says he is sorry for last week and tonight. Hardy then announces that this was his last match. He hugs Sting and leaves.

Airing on January 2, 2014:

* Gail Kim makes a new open challenge.  Madison Rayne answered.

* Madison Rayne defeated Gail Kim w/Lei’d Tapa .

* Kurt Angle cuts an in-ring promo about how bad 2013 was for him. Bobby Roode interrupts. Roode questions if Angle is going to quit like Jeff Hardy did last week.  Angle says hes not leaving. Angle then challenges Roode to a match at Genesis in a Steel Cage. Roode accepts. The two then get into a brawl that is separated by Refs and Rockstar Spud. Rockstar says they both need to find tag team partners for their match tonight.

* Samuel Shaw squashed Norv Fernum and Norv passed out in a standing side choke.

* Backstage  Kurt Angle asks Gunner to be his partner.

* In a tag team match, Bobby Roode and James Storm defeated Kurt Angle and Gunner.

* Coronation of Magnus:  EC3 and Rockstar Spud came to the ring first. The two cut promos. EC3 reminds everyone that he is still undefeated. EC3 then introduces Dixie Carter. Dixie Carter then tells a story. about a UK magazine covering AJ Styles. She then brings out Magnus. Magnus then cuts a promo but Gunner interrupts. He lays out Spud and EC3. He then goes after Magnus but everyone jumps him.

AJ styles then enters through the crowd with his TNA title. He lays out EC3 and Spud and stares down Magnus. Both pose with their belts. Dixie tells Magnus to get out. AJ then takes a mic. AJ tells Dixie to tell her lawyers to quit chasing him all over the world. He says Magnus isn’t the champion until he beats  “the” world heavyweight champion.  Magnus asks if he is challenging him. AJ says he didn’t come out here to play “tickle butt.” He said two belts but there can only be one TNA World Heavyweight Champion. He asks if Magnus is going to listen to this “money mark.” A match is then made between the two.  The two of them posed and stared each other down from the ramp and the ring.

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  • JG40

    A shame giving away the reuniting of Beer Money even if it might be for only one night.

  • nicbull

    Jeff hardy is coming back mid 2014 as willow the wisp

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