TNA Releases Another Wrestler from the Company


As noted earlier, TNA has released several talents from the company. We can now confirm that Crimson can be added to that list of wrestlers that are no longer working for TNA.

Crimson was just brought back to television a few weeks ago. He was signed with the company back in 2010 and initially debuted with a long-running undefeated streak. The streak was ended at the 2012 Slammiversary pay-per-view with a loss to James Storm.

That updated list of released talents so far today include: Sam Shaw, Christian York, Taylor Hendrix, Madison Rayne, Joey Ryan and Crimson.

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    • Wow they really think this Aces and 8s and main event mafias gonna take down the company. At least we will probably see them in a wwe ring soon

        • Something tells me they don’t need Sting or Hogan, Dixie is was doing just fine kinda like Vince. But to start throwing away talent that’s what wcw did and look what happened 5 months later when they took Jericho, Beniot, Eddie and they never recovered and they don’t have a Goldberg type of person to save them

          • The ratings show what people think of TNA these days.If Bully Ray is your champion you have a major problem

          • Do you think that TNA gave 2 craps about there wrestlers looks what they done in the past to Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, and Abyss they sure give a title run to Kurt Angle, Sting, Mick Foley and Jeff Hardy. Oh I forgot one more who shouldn’t be allowed to be wrestling all together MR. ANDERSON CMON now that’s a joke. Bully I agree is better as a tag team but they have completely ruined this wrestling org. I am just waiting for Eric young to join the Main event mafia and become TNA World Champion.

          • It’s funny how they were blaming Russo when things werent going good.How can a mid card wrestler like Doug Williams be in the MEM lol

          • Exactly but they don’t. I see this one of two ways they are going to start another group to get sting out of trouble kind of like the latino world order and it will be AJ Styles, Chris Daniels, Kazarian, Sabin and Abyss not Park not Christopher parks because we all knew there was no fake twin and when we see that stupid look on his face when he bleeds like Adam sandler on little nicky. And what will we call this group team X the don’t care. And if Tna hired Rampage Jackson why aren’t they using him what is he a mole man. And we cant all blame this now on Vince Russo he been gone for over a year a in Feb 2012 and its Matt Conway fault and off air Eric Bichioff fault At least Eric got smart and got off the air but Hogan still too power hungry look back when he wanted to have a new Amercian Gladiatiors.

          • Ahhhh, but they did in Crimson. He had one of the best pushes I’ve ever seen and then they took him out of the run the first time while still undefeated. They removed him again without explanation. Then they made him lose in ridiculous fashion to everyone he faced. (Two people but still two he could beat.) Pritchard wants MVP. I knew last nights the gut check person wasn’t going to win but when they picked the guitar guy over the guy that could wrestle I said ut oh. They are sinking fast.

          • Preach on I hear you there. Its as if the Mcmcahons own the Company for quite some time they dissembling it for this long. Just to make a hard core divison

  1. keep in mind if there was no wwe there would be no hulk Hogan im quite convince if wwe didn’t exist tna would also be non existent i also believe vince may even have his hands in tna some how

  2. i dont disagree with any of these releases so far. as far as im concerned there trimming the fat they have aries,aj,roode,storm,bully,angle,joe and those are just main eventers. tna has alot to over but why push these guys. im so glad about crimson i hate that dude.

    • Angle has maybe another year if that, But Its another Click I agree with you there with the exception of Crimson and Madison. Even though Madison contract ended and they didn’t renew it they should have used he more. And Crimson was a even though he not the greatest he was kinda like Sid of the wwe. He had height and would come on getting rid of some of the wwe fat wouldn’t be bad ethier.

    • Trimming the fat would be getting rid of Hogan and B****off not getting rid of these guys.TNA does a very bad job of pushing the younger wrestlers.Ii I want to take a nap I just tune into Impact Wrestling

    • Well all you get to here him do is complain and lose and he better than that. plus there is no way he wants to wear a cape like that. he knows he isn’t batman.

  3. I bet you guys didn’t realize it but last night’s match was actually an ROH match. Austin Aries and Chris Sabin were both members or ROH; in fact, if steal anymore of ROH’s talent they will have to change their show’s name lol.

    • Sounds like to TNA is not producing its own talent.Stles,Joe,Aires and Saban all ROH guysJoseph Park is the best TNA can produce lol



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