Top NXT Star Reportedly Kept Off TV Tapings Due to Heat with Officials


– WWE officials decided to keep Kassius Ohno off the last two sets of NXT TV tapings because trainers are reportedly frustrated by his lack of commitment to the strength and conditioning program in developmental.

Ohno was seen working out at the grand opening of the Performance Center last week but did not work the tapings that night. A number of people within WWE developmental are said to be disappointed with Ohno, who at one point was considered to be on the fast track to WWE’s main roster.

Ohno is still well-liked within developmental and his in-ring skills aren’t in question but there is heat on him for his lack of commitment to working out.

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    • why? hes more athletic then alot of muscle heads in wwe, hes got a great athletic shape he doesnt need to be ripped. the reason hes doesnt care is because hes confident in himself, and he was fat alot of his life so hes not to use to working out all the time. and if wwe going to get on someone for no being ripped how bout ambrose.

      • What a retard. Look, this is why they have the developmental system – to make sure that jackoffs like Ohno don’t somehow seep into the main roster and slack off. Don’t knock Ambrose… he’s the guy standing on a ladder being held from two ends by the Real Americans, if you can recall… so in this case, a showstopper like Ambrose needs no heat on conditioning, you pathetic thug bucket.

        • You really are the angry fat kid on these boards..all you do it TRY and troll people. Only you come off like the lonely high school kid that walked around in a black trench coat with no friends..Just enjoy your fruity pebbles kid and stop being an A-hole..

          • LOL, call it like you see it? so “allanmccann” is retard bc he has his own opinion? Its ok kid, keep talking your only solidifying my point..Besides I already taught you what a “mark” is,first lessons free. If you learn to acting like a adult I may consider teaching you more..

          • Only you would know what “solidifying” means… you’re so constipated that you must keep replying to me… Unreal… keep playing the game, jackass…

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          • Listen here, Jock itch… I speak nothing but the truth. It’s apparent to me that you know nothing about fecal retention and solidification after all. That’s not my problem. You’re the troll here, not me. As far as me being a d***… listen… if I was being a d***, I’d be pissing, cumming and hanging from another person’s anatomy all day long. That’s a d***. I’m glad I was able to educate you on that.

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          i love ambrose but ohno has wrestled 1 hour matches all over the world using all diffrent styles from lucha to hardhitting well ambrose was falling through tables..

      • As far as Ambrose goes..The WWE is pushing for more entertainers than actual wrestlers..Ambrose is awesome the mic, but has no body (but looks fit)..Same goes for CM punk..Punk actual has real training in multiple styles, but looks like s***. But his mic skills are off the charts..So that’s why he is where he is..If Ohno could rock the mic, it would not be an issue..I agree he shouldn’t need to be all ripped, but he should look fit, and well he doesn’t..neither does punk, but i recently read that hes bulking up for his match with Lesnar. Not sure how true that is but i guess we will see..Look at Daniel Bryant,he should be the standard. he’s good shape, Not ripped but looks good..

      • But he isn?t something WWE don?t already have..
        I mean C?mon.. What would he bring to the table?
        And yes.. You need to be in shape.
        I used be fat and trust me.. I do cardio workouts
        6-7 days a week.
        That is no excuse.
        If you want to be in the WWE you need to be
        in shape.
        + the guy is 33.. He will not be more than
        a mid-carder at highest if he was brought up.

        • he is in F***ING SHAPE!! hes not ripped so what?! he does cardio all the time he just doesnt work out alot, hes in better shape then punk..should they release him? SIZE AND SHAPE DOESNT MATTER GOD HASNT THE LAST 3 months TAUGHT YOU ANYTHING, AND HOW THE HELL DOES SOMEONE BEING RIPPED MAKE THEM MORE INTRESTING! WHEN DOES THAT EVER GET YOU OVER??! THEy HAVE A million RIPPED GUYS BUT VERY FEW LIKE OHNO

        • also wtf does him being 33 have anything to do with it, if hes wasnt 33 hes wouldnt be in wwe they hired him because hes got over a decade of success in the indys, would you rather wwe hire younger guys with no experience and make there own stars..ya…cause you know that works out most of time. or they could hire talented guys

      • The owners set the rules for ALL those they will put their money on. NO exceptions. No law-unto-himself juveniles allowed to distract the rest of the players

    • Well, it figures. Really? work out or get fired huh? What about Mark Henry and other overweight people on the show? Notice you didn’t say learn how to wrestle or get fired lol. Half the roster would be gone then.

      • Are you really saying to me that Mark Henry
        isn?t working out?
        That is the most retarded comment I have
        read in a long time.
        Mark Henry is one of the strongest
        guys on the WWE roster, he is over with the fans
        and he have a great look.
        WWE have always had big people..
        Guys like Andre The Giant, King Kong Bundy, Big Show, Big Daddy V, Umaga, Khali etc..
        What do KO have?
        KO looks like some guy working in a 7-Eleven
        who works out 2 times a week with 20kg weights.
        A guy who is 33 and still isn?t a part of the
        main roster should not act like he is the man.
        KO can either do as he is told or go
        back to the indy scene

        • I’m really healthy myself but I know how much I should weigh. Can you honestly look at Mark Henry and say gee that guy is in shape? Remember I’m a lady an the weight loss commercials show ladies in a bikini and men shirtless. Does Mark Look like he should go shirtless. I know what I’d say about myself if you asked me. Bikini, no way! I didn’t say he wasn’t healthy. Now lets talk about skills

          • You are saying to me that Mark Henry
            doesn?t workout.. How f*ucking dumb
            are people allowed to be?
            The guy is probably the strongest guy
            in pro wrestling.
            Yes he is fat but that doesn?t mean
            that he is lazy.
            Mark Henry works his ass off 300+
            days a year.
            He workout 5-6 days a week and he wrestles
            1-3 times a week.
            It clearly shows that you are a lady
            because you are just as dumb as a blonde
            girl with big boobs and a pound of make-up on.
            Go watch some Big Brother or some
            other dumb reality piece of sh*t show

            because you don?t know sh*t about

        • cm punk is in worse shape then ohno so is ambrose so is about 100 diffrent guys that have been in wwe. they are not saying hes not in shape they just want him using there center. if you think chris hero is out of shape your nuts. he can do a standing backflip drunk. well alotof guys in “great shape” can barley jump lol

          • What kind of drugs are you on?
            CM Punk and Dean Ambrose
            is in way better shape than Ohno.
            Do you even know who Ohno is?
            He is not in shape compared
            to his fellow wrestlers.
            Just because you can do tricks
            doesn?t mean you are in shape,
            Ohno just don?t have the look.

          • I think you guys need to talk about what you mean by shape..To be in the ring you need to be at a certain level of conditioning. Which i think we can all agree they are all in. Now if your talking looks thats a different thing.. Ryback is a perfect example..He looks great but hes sucking wind 3-4 mins into a match.

        • and if you cant see that point about henry hes right henry is fat,. yes hes got alot of muscle but he also has alot of fat i mean just the fat sticking out of his armpits is more then most superstars lol

      • mark henry holds weight lifting world records that have yet to be broken..also hes a power lifter. power lifter in general don’t look strong but are in fact 3-4 times stronger than bodybuilders..Bodybuilding is just sculpting muscles..powerlifters lift for strength completely different workout..

        • Well people picked up on Mark Henry but not going to argue the actual wrestling part. The whole thing was the shape of the man. They said his ability was good. I mention Mark and you and the other guy tell me he lifts weight. Fat will not turn to muscles no matter how much weight-lifting you do. Put KO in some matches and I just bet you he’ll lose weight. It’s hard to lose weight when you only move for 5 minutes.

  1. I’m a lady to anyone that was wondering. lol Hulk Hogan was 31 before he came into his own. He spent many years on Verne Gagna’s big but no gimmick list. People just don’t know what to do with their talent.


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