Triple H Comments on Vince McMahon Wanting Him to Work in the Office


Triple H spoke with New Hampshire Magazine about Vince McMahon wanting him to become an executive for World Wrestling Entertainment.

“I’ve enjoyed the creative process almost as much as I enjoy going out there and doing it,” Triple H said. “Vince used to joke with me and say, ‘When are you going to stop rolling around in the dirt and come and do some real work at the office?’ and that eventually became, ‘I want you to be in this position when I can’t do this anymore,’ which was the most flattering thing anybody could say me because he was the guy that created all of this.”

Triple H also discusses his early days, how he got into the business, how difficult training was and more. You can check it out here.

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  1. you have to give it to triple h. he used spoiled riched girl, telled her what she wanted to hear and got power. his real life is just what tna used with bully ray and brooke hogan. steph has a husband who used her to make his bones and power, and she is to dumb to notice it. who else would want to be with her fake self.

  2. Shane always wanted to try his hand at MMA, he bought a rinky dink promotion but could never make it take off like Bellator *says with straight face* or UFC. Shane always has the keys to the kingdom, for he always had the backing of a McMahon, Linda Mcmahon. Vince always wanted Shane to try it on his own and that is why Vince and Shane have hardly talked. Anyways Shane may come back but who knows, as of right now, since Paul Levessque gave Vince three grandkids, and I think Shane has only gave Vince 1. Give HHH a chance, he always can pull something out of the hat.

    • You got that right pal..If he decided today or tomorrow that he wanted back in HHH would be a TV GM ( I’m exaggerating ppl )..Honestly we can’t assume what his role would be , but it would be nice to see Shane O’ Mac again

    • and the one Shane gave him was a girl so she can’t even carry the McMahon name in the future when she starts her own family.


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