Triple H Comments on WWE Stars Helping Daniel Bryan on Monday’s Raw


Triple H was asked by Michael Cole for an interview with if there would be any repercussions for the WWE stars who helped Bryan this past Monday on RAW

“I am the COO of a publicly traded billion dollar company,” Triple H replied. “I don’t have time to walk around doing juvenile things like punishing individual superstars, it is so beneath me. It’s amazing that people think that’s how my day-to-day existence goes.”

Triple H noted that the stars helping Bryan was a combination of frustration boiling over and jealousy. He then went on to mentioned that Daniel Bryan will face Randy Orton for the WWE Championship at Battleground. You can check out the complete interview at this link.

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  1. yet 3 weeks ago he warned any superstar the interfering in any Brian match would get them fired, that is with the exception of Orton or The Shield, see this is why they should fire the writers, no freaking consistency in the story lines.

    • It’s called a “hook”. Ernie, a hook is a device used to lure the fans into listening or watching or tuning into a specific program, repeatedly. It has nothing to do with the f***’n writers. Everyone blames the writers, but you know what? You couldn’t do half of what they do. This is why they’re WWE employees and you are just a f***’n fan.

  2. My Big problem is in a normal working organisation hhh would be arrested for assaulting Daniel Bryan with the pedergrie now tell me if he was in a proper working organisation how would not get away with assaulting Daniel Bryan as in a normal working place management coming down to working place and going up to employee’s and just cracking them 1 every so often they would be sacked and face prosecution so hhh needs to tend carefully how he says things


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