Triple H Discusses Angle with Randy Orton & Daniel Bryan


WWE posted another storyline interview with Triple H today. Here are a few highlights.

* Triple H discussed the WWE Championship match at Hell in a Cell between Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan. When Cole said Triple H must be happy about the outcome, Triple H said it wasn’t about what he wanted, but what was best for business.

* Triple H said “told you” in regards to Randy Orton being the face of the WWE.

* Triple H said that he didn’t save Shawn Michaels from the “Yes Lock” on Monday’s Raw because Shawn Michaels asked him to handle the situation by himself.

* Triple H talked about karma and how it always comes back to bite people, and Bryan got what was coming to him when the Wyatt Family attacked him.

* Triple H doesn’t feel bad for Daniel Bryan being in the hospital, because he got what he deserved.

* When Cole discussed The Big Show’s lawsuit, Triple H cut him off and said that The Big Show is banned from the WWE for life.

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  1. yeah, your Karma is coming back with the low PPV buys and bad ratings the show is getting since you are in charge.


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