Valkyrie: Rise of the Valkyrie



Kimber Lee came out to inform the audience that Cherry Bomb was not in the building due to her travel problems, and says she is without an opponent. Nikki Addams came out as a replacement.

1. Kimber Lee pinned Nikki Addams with a German Suplex
2. Jessie Brooks defeated Samantha Heights with an Exploder Suplex
3. La Rosa Negra beat Nevaeh with a frog splash
– Nyla Rose came out to beat on some male wrestlers who were insulting women’s wrestling, delivering a couple of powerbombs in the process.
4. Sumie Sakai pinned Angel Dust with a swinging neck breaker
5. Mistress Belmont bested Davienne with a Cobra Clutch Slam
6. Kacee Carlisle defeated LuFisto via DQ after the Super Hardcore Anime was caught using a foreign object


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