Vince McMahon Believes He Taught Daniel Bryan ‘How To Be A Star’


Though Vince McMahon’s television character is portrayed as having a strong distaste for Daniel Bryan, in reality, Vince thinks quite highly of the wrestler.

In response to a rumor on the message board concerning McMahon’s relationship with Bryan, Dave Meltzer revealed how Vince perceives Bryan. McMahon legitimately believes he taught Bryan “how to be a star,” according to Meltzer.

“Vince believes he took a guy who was very good technically but had no personality and taught him how to be a star,” wrote Meltzer. “If anything, he believes he was more right than anyone on him.”

Nikki Bella Flexing…. Look at those GUNS!

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  1. Triple h is the one that gave him the push. Whatever Vince! Everyone loved Danielson when he just wrestled. He didn’t need killer promos. Now he has it all. He saved WWE

    • the only way vince can prove what he said, Daniel will win summerslam, and not get buried….again….


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