Vince McMahon Reportedly Doesn’t “See Money” in Daniel Bryan


In an interview two weeks ago with the Ministry of Slam podcast, Shawn Michaels acknowledged a recent conversion he had with Vince McMahon where he said he doesn’t “see money” in a certain, unnamed WWE Superstar. According to sources within the organization, that individual is Daniel Bryan.

Michaels said, “I had a conversation a couple of weeks ago with the man in charge and we were talking about a certain individual and he goes, ‘I just don’t see money in him.’ And I said, ‘You said the same thing about me.’ He said, ‘I did not.’ I said, ‘Yes you did!’ (laughs) I said, ‘And it’s okay. It’s just one of those things.'”

Michaels compared McMahon’s views on the WWE Superstar to himself, as he believes he wasn’t viewed as a “prototypical main event guy” while he was rising the ranks of WWE in the early-1990’s.

“I wasn’t your prototypical–heck, I wasn’t anybody’s prototypical main event guy. And I knew that. So, you just do your absolute best,” said Michaels. “Yes, I was very scared and very worried, which had a lot to do with how bad I handled stuff because I spent a great deal of my career waiting for the other shoe to drop. Because it was a very real view of me and my ability and my talent. I’m a firm believer that talent does rise to the top, but you have to be patient. So, I spent a great deal of time worried, intimidated, and concerned that with each passing storyline, it might be the last one.”

A WWE source believes that with Bryan having a major role on Total Divas–premiering next month on E!–as the boyfriend of cast member Brie Bella, his standing in the organization is “safe” for the time being.

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  1. that’s ridiculous…so when fans chant “Yes Yes Yes”! that means he’s not getting over? really Vince? wow!

    • He went to ” No No No” and people still chanted along…not getting over? Really Vince? Wow ! …reminds me of stone cold and the “what?” Chant…ijs

  2. the only reason i watch prowrestling anymore is cos guys like daniel bryan , punk , ziggler , ambose, there is alot of new talent in the wwe but they push these guys like shamus and ryback and part timers . i have been a fan of the wwe for 30 some odd years . cena reminds me of hulk hogan . i was always a randy savage fan cos he could do it all . no real point i guess just venting .

    • WWE totally blew it with talent like Taz, RVD, Colt Cabana, and Low-Ki (aka Senshi/Kaval). Heck, they almost blew it with Punk until that big “kind-of-shoot” he did on RAW. What happened to the days when WWE could market talented non-heavyweights like Shawn Michaels or Brett Hart ??

      • the f*** you talking about, bret hart wasnt small . he was in great shape and a heavyweight. and in those day marketing the small guy was even harder and done even less.

      • and taz blew it himself, he got fat and stopped training,which made him weak and his body weak. besides in ecw taz was greaT cause he was working with freinds. in wwe it was a shark attack, he got picked on and beat up in matches all the time.

      • i think they were forced in their own minds to push hbk and brett . its like vince is in love with juice heads. to be honest i havnt seen a lot of low ki but i hated how the wwe treated him. its like what they did with tajiri . just made a joke of him

        • what tajiri was treated good, he was european champ,crusierweight champ. i think even a tag title ,he also even got a faction, wwe used tajiri for sooo long without him making them a dime.. tajiri also never jobbed either he put up a fight. i can think of alot of guys treated worse,

      • Taz will be back in a few weeks he was in the wwe for a quite a few years. Colt they are trying to find out a job in the wwe now and RVD well The first time he blew it in the wwe was the same reason Jeff Hardy did. Low KI well he was in Tna and well he wasnt that very good to began with. Shawn had to start the same way as CM Punk. WHAT IN THE BLUE HELL DOES CM PUNK HAVE TO ENDURE THAT MICHAEL DIDNT HAVE TO ENDURE TO MAKE IT TO THE TOP? They had same paths

        • low ki not to good to begin with? are you hi the only reason wwe hired him even though hes so small is because of how good he is

          • No the Truth hurts Low Ki= Sucks WWE, TNA IT DOESNT MATTER WHERE HE IS shoot Zach Ryder is the Internet Champ so he must be awesome. Low KI he in Japan a good place for him maybe he will learn something Tensai did.

          • tensai is a jobber now. and ryder made up that title and is the only one whose held it… hes a joke. and how does low ki suck…have u ever seen him wrestle? wwe only hired him because of his ring ablility.. what was it cause hes so big lol is it his mic skills…no hes amazing in the ring its a fact bro. thats why he won nxt every week without even trying. also hes been wrestling in japan for over a decade

          • No I never seen him wrestle. Im not a huge wrestling fan man. I Been a fan since the old AWA days I seen Rick Rude and meet him and Curt Henning Before they were famous I was such a fan my life revoled around wrestling. I been to about to 3000 thousand shows my whole life. I do agree allan I busting you Rey is remarkable but take a step back kinda like the undertaker.

    • Ok I shouldnt reply to anything that says “COS” its because get it right Daniel Bryan is good I agree what should we should do is since you hey is a fan favorite and I bet you jumped up and down when you heard that RVD coming back. Shoot I bet Your dream is that Jeff Hardy and Batista and Angle would make this better. When the tag team Divison Sucks the Belts looks like bottle caps. The US and WWE TITLE looks like a home plate in baseball. Predicting the matches are as easy as Tnas. Diva title needs to be changed to orginal title. Bring the ECW title back but make it EXTREME OR HARDCORE to go up with the X DIvison in TNA. Let Kane be Kane not BUNNY RABBIT KANE!!!!! FIRE REY Mysterio and Sin Cara they are to injury prone and I agree give Ziggler a big push or Swagger. FIre Vicky Yes Fire Vicky and john laurinaitis get another decent show Hire heyman and then fire booker and hire therodore there I said it.

      • sorry to offend you while talking about pro wrestling. rvd has not been much in a long time.i believe jeff hardy & bastista’s best days are behind them.

        • Naw you didnt I agree with you the wwe needs a good white washing though its getting bad with there story lines. I am amazed someone agrees with me about hardy and Bastista. I just saw a recording of smackdown tonite and was just like come on lets fix some stuff. I am glad about RVD. They need to go back to rivals.

      • i do agree about kane i would like to see him be the big red machine again. rey and sin are just toy sales . i would really like to see ONE world title and get rid of the us title

      • fire vicky? why in the hell would they do that? vickie gets on of the best heel responses in wwe, you know how many heels in the past would kill to be that good. not to mention she is loved in wwe..its her family. not to mention she already tried to leave wwe and they wouldnt let her,. and mysterio is f***ing legend who has sold as much crap as no way should he be fired he should just retire cause his body is just done.

        • Yes I do! Say it out I say Fire Vicky It doesnt mean she out of the company look at Paul Heyman. I was Just saying use John Laurinaitis since he is More hated and people power Or Even Therdore Long he been a Ref most his life he better than both smackdown and raw GM. Plus That leaves Vicky open again and have autually have Bryan use her as a manager kinda like HBK used Sherry bercause Bryans catchphrase YES YES YES or NO NO NO can only go so far I mean ask Fandango ohh to soon you still want to dance sorry. Mysterio is no legend maybe in the tag team Austin,Edge,Michaels, Mick was yes. Mysterio is and always will be a tag team specialist. not bad and he will be a HOF but he needs to leave like the undertaker leave while your still on top. Search yourself you knoe this to be true they could use this to get actually wrestlers and not Zach Ryder, or Sin Cara the Tag team Divison look bleak and needs to be fixed I mean the Wyatt family, Usos, Team Funk look at the 80s and 90s they killed

          • dude im telling you vickie get a better heel reaction then anyone, she needs to staY .AND THE tag division hasnt been good since 2001, all they do is as soon as they find a team that can make money they just break them up to try and build a singles star. they never look at the big picture just short term. tna does a great job with there tag division

            and as for rey im just gonna say no matter what you think rey is a legend he is admired by high flyers all over the world, his name is more famous then most wrestlers. tag team specialist? rey has only won a tag titles a few times and they were short reigns, he spent most of his career as a singles star. like where do u get this info lol

            and zack ryder is a joke, sincara speaks horrible english so he is very hard to have good matches with.

            also wwe and tna are not that predicable atleast not as bad as it was years ago when it was so “great”

          • Dude you didnt watch wrestling all last year did year did you? Sweet Johnny didnt make the whole crowds mad sorry He really ticked off every one. And I know that the tag teams Divison has been horrible since 2001 ans thats why they need to fix it. If you dont realize that the WWE and TNA wasnt predictable shoot here goes1 Aces and 8s and The Shield: the retarded NWO and DX.2 HHH and Stephanie marries each other hmmmm sounds like Bully Ray and Brooke marriage. 3 You couldnt tell all the fake retirement Aka Mark Henry, WWE Pushing a wrestler like the warrior-Luther-Vicsious in Rybak. 4 Tna aka makes the Main event Mafia hmmmmmm NWO red and Black. 5 who didnt see the Mcmachons fighting again. Who going to be in each corner? 6 Ecw brand will be back with Heyman at the reigns not the wrestler. Now back to Vicky ok we dont fire her repackage he Make her like they did HBK And Sensational Sherry. Make Bryan and Vicky. Rey held more Tag Titles than IC world title and we are not talking light weight titles. I do think he is great but he is done he need to leave Most of the greats leave but he doesnt get the point.

          • rey has held the cruiserweight title like 7 times. infact hes the most well know cruiserweight of all time. hes also a the smallest world champion in history and most likely will be for a long time. the dude sells so much crap and has been one of wwe’s top SINGLE stars in history… if your trying to say hes a tag specialist to just ad on to his career then ya….. but if you saying that all he is then your f***ing nuts bro. and all that other ranting crap you put i didnt even read cause its all pointless. you seem like a real mark so you should know all about rey.

          • Hey Allan he won it 8 time big deal. Next your gonna tell me the Hurricane Shane Helms is a legend but he isnt he 8 time cruiserweight world champ mean you lost it and look at the Hurricane he held it for 385 days so what up wit dat. I am not trying to say that he is the tag team specialist but you dont read. And Juvented was the shortest b**** get that right. You dont need to read because you only read because all you see is REY was so cool he was in charge of the LWO. And you probably had all three Tee shirts hoping that if all five red and black black and white and the Latino world order Blue world order and Dx and hoped you could be a Power Ranger. And the Greatest Wrestler by the way is Greg the Hammer.



          • and it doesnt matter what you think it doesnt matter what anyone does if it did even a little it would be based on a percentage. and rey is legend. its like if you said hbk was a joke. its what you think but that doesnt mean HE IS THE GREATEST PRO WRESTLER WHO EVER LIVED.

      • If you’re going to correct someone’s spelling, you might want reread your own comments before posting. “Ok I shouldnt reply to anything that says “COS” its because get it right
        Daniel Bryan is good I agree what should we should do is since you hey
        is a fan favorite and I bet you jumped up and down when you heard that
        RVD coming back.” Can you see the mistakes here?

  3. daniel bryan is one of the top sellers in wwe. no money? he also applies to adults and children…at this rate hes more money then cena

  4. All Vince cares about is selling T-Shirts.

    And it’s ironic, because the only WWE T-Shirt I would even consider buying is the “YES! YES! YES” shirt

  5. This is coming from a guy who force feeds us a wrestler with 5 moves (John Cena). I believe the only person who should be able to give a person thumbs up or thumbs down should be a ex wrestler, with experience being the top star, who knows what the crowd wants and who thinks for themselves. Some peeps are probably thinking HHH has that, but HHH was pushed down are throats just like Cena was. I’m thinking Stone Cold, Bret Hart or The Rock after they retire. I think Stone Cold in HHH’s position would have huge success. The Rock is to busy being Hollywood but down the road possibly, but creative control in the hands of Bret Hart would be an excellent choice, especially having been around wrestling since before he could walk.

  6. I was just looking back at Jericho’s been matches the last 40 matches and he won like 3 matches in the last 2 years he been there to push Fangdango, Bryans, Ziggler, all these young wrestlers and I think that is awesome.

    • omg the only reason jericho is in wwe is to wrestle and to push younger talent , thats why hes loses to them. he has nothing less to prove and him beating anyone does nothing for his career. think about it dude

      • Oh I do come on Fandango. You honestly think jericho should have lost to Fandango or look at the ppv were he would have held the Title if it wasnt for the the concussion yeah that makes total sense. they are giving the titles to people who dont even deserve it. shoot I bet they would give it to a young brooklyn Brawler.

  7. D-Bryant is so hot right now, Vince is scared to push a smaller wrestler once again. He was an extra in the hobbit, the hobbit 2….

  8. Vince stop sucking the stick of Cena and focus your attention towards on Bryan,Ziggler and Punk.Cena can’t even draw ratings so he might be part of the problem Vince

    • Dude Ok I am gonna give you something thats gonna blow your mind. Did you know that they give Bryan,Ziggler, Punk, more of these new wrestlers then you think then Cena. You may say Vince stop sucking up to Cena He’s Earned it like the Rock, SCSA, HHH, Big Show, Y2J. But they put over alot of people look of all last year Cena lost nearly all his matches. Y2J is on a bad streak himself. Here is another fact Cena not on the mic or his matches dont run as long as Punk or Ziggler or Bryan losing his mind. You are a Fake wrestler fan Jay. The Ratings were low belive it or not due to Drum roll The NBA and NHL playoffs. Its also been way predictable thats why its got low ratings Not Cena, Not Vince, And belive it or not people are getting sick of the nwo Stupid 3 gang Aces 8s = the shield Kinda stupid at this point.


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