What does Wrestlemania 33 need to be a success.


Wrestlemania is about 13 days away and now that we know most of the card we can have a pretty good clue on how good the show will be but what does it need to actually be a thrill ride? Here are some individual elements that in my opinion can make Wrestlemania an awesome PPV.

First off, we now know Neville will face Austin Aries for the Cruiserweight title in what will probably be the opener for the show. This match needs to be given enough time, a video package and maybe even special entrances or gear for both. What I mean is that this match needs to be built like a proper major title match, the biggest match for the Cruiserweights so far and it really does have the potential to steal the show.

We are just 2 RAW episodes away from ‘Mania and Finn Bálor has officially made his in-ring return in a house show but it doesn’t seem like he’ll get a match in time for ‘Mania. I personally believe that we need an appearance from the Demon King now that WWE has ruined the surprise of seeing him back probably at the Post-Mania Raw. Finn should definitely get a match (Because Sami Zayn vs. Samoa Joe vs. Finn Bálor sounds fucking awesome) but if he doesn’t then he should appear in any fashion at Wrestlemania.

Any wrestling show expecting to be show of the year should undoubtedly include some sort of surprise, in this case I believe like most people do, this is the perfect time to finally turn Roman Reigns heel. Someone that attracts as much hate like Roman does has money written all over it and WWE has had lots and lots of opportunities to turn him heel and make him somewhat interesting but what better time than at Wrestlemania? Beating The Undertaker for the second time ever? It just seems too good to not do it this time.

Most people are noticeably mad about AJ Styles facing Shane McMahon at ‘Mania and to be honest I also believe AJ deserved a title match or just a higher profile match but I also think we should give Styles v. McMahon a fair chance because these two have the ability to deliver a truly unforgettable match with memorable moments, maybe not the most technical match ever but an unforgettable match indeed. What does this match need to help Wrestlemania succeed? This match should be given enough time, the proper spots and if I end up being just a traditional one on one match then both AJ and Shane need to be as invested as they can in the match. Let these two steal the show.

Again, most people are pissed with the way Kevin Owens lost the title to Goldberg, or even with the fact he lost the title at all so now that he has been “relegated” to the US title picture his match with Chris Jericho needs to be stellar for Owens to regain some momentum. Owens did not need to drop the Universal title, Jericho did not need the win last year against AJ Styles and Owens is in desperate need of some wins to get his relevance going again, so Kevin Owens absolutely needs to win this.

Finally, probably the most controversial aspect of this year’s ‘Mania. The main event. I personally believe Orton vs. Wyatt should close out the show rather than Lesnar v. Goldberg but that’s not what will make Wrestlemania a better show, I think it doesn’t matter which match closes out but we need a satisfying match, we need an excellent main event which both matches can give us so it doesn’t matter what match we get as the main event, just please make it a good one.

That’s it, what Wrestlemania needs to succeed as the biggest show of the year. Do you disagree with anything I said? Did I miss any other element?


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