What Happened After Monday’s Raw Went Off The Air


After Monday’s Raw went off the air, Randy Orton, Triple H, Vince McMahon and Stephanie went to the back. The Shield then started up another attack to beat down Daniel Bryan. Mark Henry, Dolph Ziggler and The Big Show ran down to make the save.

The faces then hit their finishers on The Shield, with Daniel Bryan eventually ending the segment by hitting one of the Shield members with the running knee. The crowd started up with “Yes!” chants as Bryan’s music played. That concluded tonight’s event.

The Infamous (and hilarious) Jim Ross “My Ass” Rap Song….

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  1. Thanks for letting the TV audience know what happened. We kept thinking with all the wrestlers watching someone should help Bryan. As John Cena use to come in to help. Bravo to Mark, Dolph, and Big Show. It is not fair. I say Vince, Stephanie, Triple H is bad for business. You treat Wrestlers wrong. They are the Stars not You! Shame on You! Is this what You teach your children betrayal? Ryback bulling guys in the locker room. No do not think that is good for business either! Bring Roddy Piper back for interviews.and a good show.

  2. Problem with that Shawn It will be Orton’s 3rd failed drugs test if it happens then hes gone 3 strikes and your out. The only other problem is how long will wwe keep punishing jack swagger as he was gonna win the title but with his DUI it came to erupt end also not been suspended as well so it could be a while


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