What May Have Played a Part In WWE Not Signing Edwards & Richards


– Yesterday we noted that Triple H would not be signing Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards a deal, mainly because of their size. He made the decision not to offer them a deal after their tryout match against The Ascension on WWE NXT.

There’s a story out that a blown spot in that match may have played a part in the two not being offered contracts.

During the match, there was a spot where Richards landed on his head, which was an accident. Earlier when the two teams were working on the match, Viktor picked Richards up without dipping down first. So when they did the match at the tapings, Richards went up and this time, Viktor dipped and the end result was Viktor losing it and Richards landing on his head.

The referee told them to finish the match, under orders from Triple H in the back, but they didn’t finish it right away. It hasn’t been confirmed that this played a part in them not being signed but it is going around.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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    • The way I read it is that they were told to finish the match right away but delayed a bit despite being told to do so. Triple H must be a lot like Vince in the whole do as I say right now or your screwed. Still seems like a stupid reason to not sign guys who apparently are quite talented.

      • Triple H is an asshole. Always was, always will be. He slept his way into the position he’s in, sucked Vince’s asshole lining, and now he’s pulling the same s*** Vince does. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why he did this…

      • Not really, Vince didn’t bury a guy that could make him money just because he had more talent them himself. Vince knows how to bend. Look at his situation with Paul Hayman. That was a relationship almost as bad as Brett but not as bad a Warrior lol.

  1. WWE would make another stupid move by not signing Davey Richards. Edwards I don’t know much about, but I think Richards can be the next top guy for the company.

    • Jesus H. Christ… man, Seagle… I don’t even like your name, nevermind the s*** you just posted and responded to… Look, if you don’t know about something then SHUT THE F*** UP!

      • LOL..you again. Jesus must have put a negative in your name cause you’re the troll who’s creeping on everything that I write. Sorry but I’m not gay. I know you’re still angry cause I made fun of you in the last post and you had nothing to back up your stupid non educated remark which I understand, but know when to throw in the towel you life size douche bag. You clearly don’t know anything about wrestling so go post on a religious forum, maybe god will finally read it and be willing to give you a second chance so you can redeem yourself. Go listen to wrecking ball if you’re still throwing a tantrum.


        • Wow… got me chuckling at that one! Life size douche bag. Interesting. Actually, I know a LOT more about wrestling than evidently you do. I’m far from uneducated, and even more creative than you and your colorful insults! So keep bringing them. You’re only hurting yourself. He he he!

    • They are great workers but WWE goes more by aesthetics rather than actual talent. This is why I get annoyed with their product. They turned down Prince Nana who’s great on the mic and they rejected the Brisco brothers who are very talented and and put on a show. They like cookie cutter types they can mold but Vince isn’t the one baking the cookies anymore

      • I agree with your argument. It’s true a lot of talented wrestlers end up not making it. Even if they do, their run doesn’t last. They get limited tv time and limited matches. They either become guinea pigs like Zack Ryder or the Great Khali and are forced to lose match after match while the other wrestler gets a push who barely has any wrestling talent but has the aesthetics. It’s cookie cutter.

        • What really makes me sad is the thing with Davey Richard sounds like a set up and that stinks. Who’s to say the powers that be didn’t tell the guys to mess up just to throw off the match. It sure is funny how none of the ROH guys are ever accepted.

          • I know what you mean. They don’t get a contract over a stupid move they messed up on. It’s as if they committed a crime. People with power abuse what they have while others who are trying to get by in life suffer because of it.


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