What’s TNA’s Best Chance for Survival?


So by now we all now TNA just pulled a TNA classic by letting go five of their current top starts in the form of their tag team champions, “Broken” Matt Hardy and Brother Nero/Jeff Hardy, Drew Galloway, “The Miracle” Mike Bennett and top female heel Maria Kanellis. This has been a constant for TNA for a bunch of years now, and this is not even their biggest problems considering their financial problems, their inability to create stars and their product just not being good enough.

TNA has been considered the alternative to WWE since its inception, but never got to realistically compete with them and last year they were dangerously close to going out of business before Billy Corgan and later on Anthem saved them financially, this means TNA has been on the verge of extinction for some time now and things don’t seem that will get better in a soon future, so can TNA stay alive? And if so, what are their chances to do that?

Personally I believe that TNA has officially enough history and following around the world for it to stay alive like Corgan showed and Anthem showed so I think it doesn’t really matter how low TNA gets, there will always be a financial and creative savior for them that makes the company survive and survive, but these “saviors” don’t actually make TNA big or help them grow, they just maintain TNA alive. With that being said, I don’t see TNA as a small indy company like CZW or The Crash in Mexico, I see TNA like a company that was once big or almost big and fell to a medium or even small company and just tries to be big again without actually being big.

Just look at the Impact’s set. They hold a laughable amount of people for their tapings but their giant screen as set looks almost too professional for a company that holds that little amount of people. In all of their years of existence, they have had some world class performers even at their lowest points but they still managed to look as amateur as they could.

With all of this being said, what’s in store for TNA in the future? Personally, I think that we as fans are responsible for supporting as much companies as possible to have alternatives to the WWE dominating sport but I think we should stop expecting greatness out of TNA, we should start considering TNA just as a company that was once close to being great but just didn’t work. TNA’s best chance to simply survive is to take things slow again, stop trying to be mainstream and find their own identity again with smaller stars like Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett, and guys like that. In other words, I think TNA isn’t the second best or most popular wrestling company in the world so they need to reinvent themselves and we need to stop expecting anything better than average from them.
I guess that’s it. Do you agree with anything I said? Did I miss anything? What do you think TNA needs to do to survive? Do you even still watch TNA at all?


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