Why WWE Is Inducting Razor Instead of Hall, Batista Mocked Backstage


– It’s said that Batista is regularly mocked backstage, but obviously not to his face, for the way he dresses. Batista’s jeans ripping on Monday’s RAW from Brooklyn didn’t help his case any.

– WWE is inducting the Razor Ramon character instead of Scott Hall himself because they can always induct Hall at a later date with Kevin Nash as The Outsiders or with the nWo as a group. Another reason for Razor’s induction is that Vince McMahon has always been proud of that character.

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Source: PWInsider

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  1. He’s proud that he had Hall do an Al Pacino impersonation? How could you be proud of copying someone else character?

    • i think he means razor in all not that fake accent which btw sounds nothing like al pacino. and razor ramon was my first favorite wrestler so i can relate with vinnie

    • You have no clue what you are talking about. Vince was gonna have Hall come out as Private Scott Hall, a recruit of Sgt Slaughter. Hall was like f*** that, and asked Vince if he ever saw Scarface, vince said he didn’t, and hall did the accent, and Vince was hooked.

      • You might be the dumbest person that has ever posted. Your argument is that Hall invented this character and then saying in the same post that he impersonated Scarface. People as dumb as you are are not worth arguing with.

  2. It sounds like WWE is running out of people to induct. That actually wrote a story telling people that they are inducting the character rather than the man? Why not get Patty Duke and induct Cathy? lol

    • of course they are they have also released a million dvd for pretty much everyone that has even won an ic title. and they play all there history all the time. i dont even see what wwe networks has to over that people havent seen. the hall of fame should only induct one man i year especially if hes a big deal

    • there was no scott hall in wwe so who else they gonna induct besides razor lol and besides i think its scott himself whose gonna be a hall of famer and not his character, wwe made razor but he made him a legend

    • Razor Ramon is not the first character to be inducted into the hall of fame. Hell, he’s in the same class as Paul Bearer, Ultimate Warrior, Lita, Jake the Snake Roberts. Those are all not their real names. And there are many more in the past too.

      • I never argued against characters making it. Allen was saying that Scott Hall was Never in the WWE but I then said neither was Gorgeous George.


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