Will Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton fail again?


WWE really trapped themselves into a corner this time. They didn’t know what a “House of Horrors” match was before they booked it. So, how can they fix their own mess?

Orton vs. Wyatt was arguably a disappointment for a Wrestlemania championship after a more than decent feud. Do we have any indication to believe this rematch will be any different? I believe so.

Nothing has changed, Wyatt is still doing his non-sense promos. Orton already has a challenger in Jinder Mahal for when he beats Wyatt. And Wyatt is probably feuding with Finn Bálor so the result of the match is pretty obvious. Can the match itself be any good?

I think the match an actually be good, but what does it need exactly? Rumors say the match is probably going to be a pre-taped heavily edited “Delete or Decay” style and I think that’s this match’s best chance of succeeding.

90% of wrestling fans were entertained with the “matches” with the Broken Hardys in TNA and most people didn’t have a problem with The Wyatts vs the New Day at the Wyatts compound. So by presenting a “House of Horros” match, WWE is definetly not going for a 5 star technical match but for an enjoyable 15 minutes to end this feud.

So, will the match be any good? Probably not. Will it fail again? No. It will obviously involve snakes and fire and editing so you, as a wrestling fan, in my opinion, should not take this match too seriously. Try to enjoy the 15 ridiculous minutes WWE will present you as Payback’s warm-up for the main event.

Also, Wyatt finally has a new environment in Raw which will allow him to have new, fresh opponents and feuds, so all Wyatt lovers that complain every time he loses, he’ll be fine losing this one.

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