Winter Talks About Her Influences, Training in OVW, TNA & More


“The Krupy” Krupar from recently interviewed former TNA Knockout Winter. Here are some highlights.

Her influences: “Kevin Nash, a.k.a. Big Daddy Cool Diesel, because I was obsessed with him.”

If she would return to WWE or TNA: “Katarina Waters: Perhaps if it was the right opportunity. I enjoyed myself in both places. I just don’t know if I would want to be quite so restricted again as I would be in WWE.”

Training in OVW: “OVW was some of the best times for me artistically I think. Al Snow is a fantastic trainer and he and Danny Davis who ran the OVW TV show were always open to ideas and stories we came up with, so we had the best opportunity to build characters and learn how to put feuds together.”

Working with on-screen brother Paul Burchill and their storyline “strange relationship”: “Well, the ‘strange relationship’ part never really happened so, instead we started having these intergender handicap matches which was really fun. We got to put together some really different matches and had a nice little gimmick that set us apart, which was great.”

Her “Winter” character in TNA: “I loved playing that character. She was evil, mysterious, what’s not to like?”

If women in the business are treated different than men: “Yes, to an extent. Obviously they get less coverage and airtime than the men, but I think that is also due to the nature of the business and the demands of the audience. I don’t think that a show that was 50% women’s matches would do as well in a mainstream capacity. So there are less women’s matches, which is fine, but sometimes people equate that with ‘less important’, which is a mistake.”

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