WWE Doctor Comments on John Cena’s Injury


WWE published an interview with Dr. Michael Sampson, who commented on John Cena’s injuries. Sampson mentioned that Cena has been dealing with a large left elbow bursitis, and an MRI revealed a partial triceps tear. Here is an excerpt from the article:

“John has been dealing with a large left elbow bursitis,” said WWE’s Dr. Michael Sampson. “We did an MRI which showed a partial triceps tear. Being the warrior that he is, he did not want to have surgery [forcing him to cancel his SummerSlam match].”

“After SummerSlam, John agreed with us to have surgery this week with WWE’s Dr. James Andrews. He will begin physical therapy after that.”

As noted earlier, Cena is expected to be out of action for four to six months.

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        • Don’t worry at this rate if Cena keeps coming back and not giving himself time to recover he’ll retire early or get grotesquely injured in the ring 😀 That’s what WWE gets for turning him into their god.

  1. Has anyone noticed the time slot they give for his return? 4 – 6 Months? This piece of trash will be back at Royal Rumble (win again), Elemination Chamber (Surprise entrant in chamber and win), or he will be back 2 or 3 weeks before Mania and somehow get a wwe or world title match.

  2. Although Cena is the face of pro wrestling, it was time for him to take a hiatus anyhow. The fans and Cena could use the 6 month break from each other. Good timing John! Somebody will step up to be the man in the mean time. Theres a lot of talent there to choose from.


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