WWE Main Event Results – 11/13/13

Posted by Pro Wrestling on Wednesday, November 13th, 2013


Match Number One: AJ Lee (with Tamina Snuka) versus Natalya for the Divas Championship

They lock up and Natalya with a side head lock take down and AJ with a head scissors. Natalya escapes and Natalya with a rollup for a near fall. AJ with a side head lock but AJ holds on when Natalya tries to send AJ off the ropes. AJ with a side head lock takedown but Natalya gets a near fall.

We see Tyson Kidd watching in the back while Natalya applies a hammer lock. AJ with an elbow and wrist lock. Natalya with a reversal and she gets a near fall. AJ tries for a sunset flip but Natalya picks up AJ and Irish whips her into the corner.

AJ floats over and she pulls Natalya to the mat and kicks her in the corner. AJ misses a splash into the corner and Natalya with a spinning slam and she runs AJ into the turnbuckles with kicks. Natalya tries for the Sharpshooter but AJ kicks Natalya away and AJ goes to the floor.

Natalya chases AJ on the floor but Tamina gets in the way and AJ tries to sneak up on Natalya but Natalya sees it coming and she sends AJ into the ringside barrier. Natalya brings AJ back into the ring and she Irish whips AJ but Natalya misses a splash into the corner.

AJ pulls Natalya off the turnbuckles and to the mat. Natalya rolls to the floor as we go to commercial.

We are back and AJ with a cravate but Natalya with elbows. AJ with a spinning back heel kick for a near fall. AJ chokes Natalya in the ropes and then sends her into the turnbuckles. AJ sends Natalya to the floor and Tamina kicks Natalya while AJ distracts the referee. AJ sends Natalya into the apron and then back into the ring.

AJ gets a near fall and we see Tyson watching again in the back. AJ with a reverse chin lock and body scissors. AJ turns it into a sleeper and then she pulls Natalya to the mat and AJ skips around the ring. Natalya with a rollup for a near fall. Natalya with a back elbow but AJ with a DDT and both women are down.

AJ gets a near fall. AJ shows some frustration and she tries for the Black Widow but Natalya with an arm drag and knee. Natalya with a clothesline and kick followed by a suplex and drop kick to the back. Natalya with a discus clothesline for a near fall. Natalya tries fro the Sharpshooter but AJ kicks her away and gets a near fall with a rollup. AJ gets another near fall.

Natalya applies the Sharpshooter but she has her back to Tamina and Natalya pulls AJ into the center of the ring. Tamina with a super kick and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Natalya (by disqualification)

After the match, AJ applies the Black Widow on Natalya until the referee pulls AJ off Natalya.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a Raw Rebound.

Tyson Kidd and Natalya are in the back and Natalya says that she had it but she starts crying and says that she will never get another chance again. Natalya says that it was her fault. Tyson says that she had AJ in the Sharpshooter. Natalya says that Tamina ruined it.

Tyson tells Natalya it is not her last chance.

We go to commercial.

We are back with the latest Triple H interview series moment, but playing the part of Triple H was Kane due to Triple H’s vacation. Kane says that there is a monster deep inside everyone. For 17 years, he allowed his to run amok and create chaos. He was always in control. Kane says that he has accepted and relished the beastial side. It is only a part of his personality. It is a tool.

When the appropriate situation arises, the monster will be utilized. His methods have become more subtle and more sophisticated. Kane says that he is evolving.

Match Number Two: Tyson Kidd versus Justin Gabriel

They lock up and Kidd with a waist lock but Gabriel with a hammer lock. Kidd with a fireman’s carry and hammer lock. Gabriel with a reversal but Kidd with a reversal of his own. Gabriel with a flip and arm drag but Kidd with a hammer lock. Gabriel with a reversal. Kidd goes to the apron and back through the ropes to reverse things.

Gabriel wants a test of strength and Gabriel gets the first advantage but Kidd with a bridge and then he uses the ropes and arm drags Gabriel. Kidd with an arm drag and arm bar into a key lock. Kidd with a kick and he goes to the apron. Kidd with a body scissors and he takes Gabriel over the top rope to the floor.

Gabriel Irish whips Kidd towards the steps but Kidd with a headspring over the steps. Gabriel with a clothesline off the steps. Gabriel with a springboard cross body for a near fall. Gabriel with a reverse chin lock and he uses Kidd’s arm for extra pressure.

Kidd with a kick and back heel kick. Kidd with a drop kick to the head and he gets a near fall. Kidd with a waist lock and German suplex but Gabriel lands on his feet. Gabriel with a wheelbarrow suplex and he gets a near fall. Gabriel with kicks to Kidd and a jumping back heel kick that sends Kidd into the corner.

Gabriel charges into the corner and Kidd moves. Gabriel lands on the ropes and Kidd with a side Russian leg sweep from the second rope for a near fall. Kidd with an elbow to the head and a kick. Gabriel with an STO and then he goes to the apron and up top but Kidd crotches Gabriel on top.

Kidd with a chop and then he goes up for a super rana and he hits it but Gabriel holds on and gets the three count with a sunset flip.

Winner: Justin Gabriel

We go to commercial.

We are back with a look at John Cena’s match against The Real Americans and Alberto Del Rio’s post match attack only to be saved by Big E Langston.

Match Number Three: Darren Young and Titus O’Neil (with R Truth) versus Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre (with Jinder Mahal)

Young and Drew start things off and Drew with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Drew with a drop kick. Young escapes a slam attempt and Darren with a forearm and reverse atomic drop. Young with an overhead belly-to-belly throw and Titus tags in. Titus sends Young into the midsection of Drew and then Titus slams Drew and he barks.

Drew with a kick and forearms. Titus with a shoulder tackle and he gets a near fall. Titus puts Drew on the turnbuckles and he connects with forearms. Titus with a slam and he tags Darren in and Titus gives Darren a gourdbuster onto Drew and he gets a near fall.

Slater makes the blind tag but Young punches Slater and he misses a charge into the corner when Slater moves and Young hits the ring post with his shoulder. Slater brings Young back into the ring and he gets a near fall. Young with forearms but he misses a clothesline and Slater with a neck breaker for a near fall.

Drew with a chop to Darren followed by a suplex for a near fall. Drew with a quarter nelson and chin lock into an arm bar. Young with forearms but Drew keeps Darren from making the tag and Drew with a drop kick for a near fall. Slater tags in and they hit a double slingshot suplex for a near fall. Young throws his elbow pad at Slater but Slater with a leg drop.

Slater with punches in the corner and the referee warns him. Darren with a kick and forearms as he fights out of the corner but Slater catches Young. Young with a sunset flip for a near fall. Slater with forearms and then he tries to draw Titus in but Young with a back body drop and he tags in Titus.

Titus with shoulders to Drew followed by a splash in the corner. Titus floats over and he connects with a boot to the chest. Titus with another bark and he hits the fallaway throw for a near fall when Slater breaks up the cover. Slater takes care of Young while Titus takes care of Slater.

Drew hits the Future Shock and Slater tags in and Slater with a corkscrew slingshot splash for the three count.

Winners: Drew McIntyre and Heath Slate

Props: By Richard Trionfo & PWInsider.com

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