WWE Offering Annual Network Subscriptions – Details


Until now, the WWE Network has been sold on a six-month agreement, paid for via monthly installment payments of $9.99.

WWE announced today that as part of a Father’s Day special, they are offering a year long subscription to the WWE Network. The subscription is priced at $119.88, which is not a discounted price. You’d still be paying the $9.99 a month for the service.

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  1. **** the WWE Network. I never had a need for it and I never will. What’s the point in paying a whole new bill every single month to watch old wrestling that I’ve already seen, have on VHS, have on DVD or can watch online from a variety of different sources anyway? Now they’re trying to offer an annual deal to make up for the $350M that poor Vinny Mack lost on that bull****. Well it’s too late and WWE Network has already failed so Vince can shove it up his *** for all I care. NEXT!


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