WWE Polls on Who Will Induct Warrior, Photo of Legends House Cast, More


– We noted before that filming for season 2 of WWE Total Divas had apparently wrapped. Nikki Bella posted the following teaser for her relationship with John Cena:

“Still Thinking About Things But I Miss Him Today. #TotalDivas #ItsComplicated”

– As noted, the cast of WWE Legends House was in Orlando last week to film additional scenes for the show. Here’s a photo of the group, minus Gene Okerlund, dressed up for what could have been a reunion type show:

Legends house cast

– WWE’s website has a new poll asking fans who should induct The Ultimate Warrior into the Hall of Fame this year – Vince McMahon, Hulk Hogan, Triple H, CM Punk, Honky Tonk Man, Sgt. Slaughter, Edge, Christian or Papa Shango. With over 30,000 votes cast, 59% have voted for Hogan. Vince and Punk are both tied at 10%.

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  1. don’t think hogan will do it they hate eachother cause hogan has the bigger name and warrior was a flash in the pan hogan wanna be that should not be put in hall of fame nothing but a doped up loser that hurts people and don;t care

    • F***in’ moron… have you done what Warrior’s done? No. You don’t have it in you. Mind over mater, asshole. Hogan’s a piece of s***, but Warrior had FAR more charisma than Hogan every could muster.

      • one warrior got fired so many times for no showing cause he was high he did not care who he hurt in the ring watch the wwe story about him no one liked him he is a ass hole and idk who the f*** u think u r to talk to me like that ass hole u nothing special d***head i have a right to an oppin if u don;t like it too f***ing bad cause its the truth

      • a…hahahaha..your kidding? Anyone in the business knew Warrior was one dimensional, he may have been good as the dingo warrior before the WWF at the time, but he was presented a certain way at the WWF and he wasn’t taking it very far.

      • and what did warrior do nothing skip shows get high hurt who he fought and didn;t care that could not even talk where anyone could understand that didn;t care about the fans or the busisness just wanted money

          • one i never said i was i said he shouldn’t be in the hall of fame there is a lot more guys that should be put in before that loser guys like savage ddp lugar scott hall nash u know people that really care for the busisness and the fans

  2. Sting will be signed by wwe by the time of wrestlemania so it should be sting to induct warrior,since those two were team mates before they went separate ways.

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  3. I think Warrior would rather castrate himself than have hogan induct him….Honky Tonk might be a good call….if Sting was free from TNA I’d have said him. Cena might even do it. Tryin to think of one person that hasn’t bad mouthed Warrior…

  4. Warrior aint right in the head. he made that clear in recent years with his videos he has posted on Youtube.


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