WWE Provides Statement for Darren Young’s Announcement


WWE published the following statement addressing Darren Young’s announcement via TMZ.com that is gay:

“On TMZ this morning, WWE Superstar Darren Young revealed to the WWE Universe that he is gay. WWE is proud of Darren Young for being open about his sexuality, and we will continue to support him as a WWE Superstar. Today, in fact, Darren will be participating in one of our Be A STAR anti-bullying rallies in Los Angeles to teach children how to create positive environments for everyone regardless of age, race, religion or sexual orientation.”

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  1. This is the day I no longer watch WWE. I do not aprove of gays nor do I aprove of gay rights and I dam sure dont like gays on wrestling tv.

    • You do realize pro wrestling itself is kinda gay right?

      You are entitled to your own beliefs but what is wrong about being gay?

      • How is pro wrestling gay? Gay relates to a specific sexual orientation. You’re humanizing pro wrestling when it’s not a human entity. Pretty f***ed up remark if you ask me. I love how people misuse the word “gay” in slang….

        • Eh I’m just messing with the dude lol, don’t get too worked up. Just saying it’s kinda silly to get all angry over a gay wrestler being out there when wrestling itself is two dudes in speedos fighting each other. I know a lot of fans kinda ignore the inadvertent homosexual undertones but they’re out there sometimes. I’m not trying to ruin anyone’s perspective of wrestling either,

          I just don’t like to see homophobia like what the Guest commentator displayed. Honestly I could easily see this ‘Guest’ commentator saying the same comments in the 1950s, just replace the word’ gay’ with ‘black’ in his comment. Discrimination is discrimination no matter how you look at it.

          • The point is, you misused the word “gay” as a form of slang. The “homosexual undertones” in wrestling that you so proudly elude to, represents a behavior by which you yourself view as something interesting to you, making you to truly be the homophobic one in this thread. Just come out of the f***’n closet, already dude… Personally, I don’t care if you’re a f** or not. This isn’t about you, even though you tried to make this whole thing about you.

    • You’re an asshole. You judge wrestling on the basis that there are talents with different sexual orientations than yours? Something is wrong with you. Go away, hater.

    • He’s an average wrestler, if he gets pushed over other more talented wrestlers based solely on the fact he came out then that is the real disgrace.

      • You know what? You’re a disgrace. Who’s to say whether he is more or less talented? Get the gay out of the topic…

        • How am I a disgrace? I’ve seen he’s matches, he’s shown average talent compared to some, his mic skills still need a lot of work that’s why Titus does all the talking. And it would be complete bulls*** if he got pushed just because of his sexual orientation, just like it would be bulls*** if some sub par straight guy got a push because he wasn’t gay. So why don’t you go f*** yourself.

          • Sounds like you’re suffering from PMS… Not my problem. I can’t f*** myself because my body can’t quite turn that way. Wouldn’t want to, anyways. Have a nice day, disgrace-o…

          • Whatevs, have fun living in your mommies basement, maybe if your a good boy tonight she’ll touch you in your special place.

          • Same level yes but if you watch, Darren gets in a couple of words and then they have Titus talking most of the time.

          • The guys an idiot and not worth an intelligible comment. His stupidity and incoherent ramblings can be quite amusing though.

  2. I don’t care what you think… I’m entitled to my opinion and belief’s. Oh yea I can see were queering fits on pg tv for children.

    • I don’t like the new rules the NFL has and I still watch it.Bro you need to get out mind set and judge people on the type of person they are instead of who they chose to like in the sack

  3. Somebody (guest ) sounds homophobic…to each his own,and if his own ain’t you, oh well…get over it!!! geez

    • Guest is homophobe…. and it seems Joe M. above is also a homophobe for using gay as a form of slang. WTF is wrong with people???

      • idk…people think that the gay wrestlers are gonna just break out the swords and Fandango…Not the case…guess what? If Darren Young wouldn’t’ve said anything neither would the phobes…

        • Young is a young wrestler who has a lot to lose by coming out at this time of his career.This guy should be a hero with the gay community not Collins who played with a women’s mind and come out when his career was basically over.Will this help Youngs career yes but was it intentional no

  4. i think these gays arguements are retarded, its darrens choice bottomline its his life and you cant do nothing about it,he just better not get pushed cause of it, theres enough politics in wrestling already

    • I think you’re retarded because you can’t seem to put logical, easily-read sentences together. That aside, I am sure Young will get pushed, you will get pissed, and life will continue on.

  5. Good for Darren Young. I wonder how him coming out will effect wwe? If his contract was not renewed, I’m sure some would say it was because he’s gay and I imagine the same can be said if he does get another deal. He’s one half of a midcard tagteam, if there is a push, it should be for both of them, as ,they’re obviously not ready to go solo. Splitting them up would be a mistake.


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