WWE Reportedly Made Contract Offer to AJ Styles


– There has been no word yet on AJ Styles signing another contract with TNA but it appears he will be working past December because of the current storyline he’s involved in. The plan is to keep him off TNA TV for a few months while he defends the World Heavyweight Title for other promotions.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that there was an offer from WWE but it was one that AJ couldn’t have possibly taken because it was about one-fifth what he’s currently making with TNA.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter


    • AJ Styles apparently isn’t worth 1/5th of the average WWE superstar, otherwise they might have offered him more. So, yeah… GET REAL, Allan.

    • I’ve watched TNA, I’m sure the 1/5th of his pay at TNA was out of pity. TNA is for sale he might want to take the lower offer just to be sure he still has a job in the long run.

  1. You only offer him one fifth of what TNA did? you got to be kidding me, he can easily have great matches with Cena, Orton, Rhodes, Punk, and Bryan. Maybe even a dream match with Chris Jericho. Smh I just dont get why WWE just roll the dice and sign him. Hell their getting Prince Devitt and going after Karl Anderson from New Japan. Wouldnt surprise me if they attempt to re-sign Davey Boy Smith Jr and Lance Archer who are also big over there.

    • AJ Styles 10 years ago, very marketable. Now not so much. Besides he’d have to go through developmental and be given a gimmick, angry redneck is already taken.

  2. AJ Styles is one of the best in ring performers today. WWE is full of themselves offering him 20% of what he makes in TNA. I know he would be a huge star in WWE. A main eventer, a headliner and one of the new faces of the company.

    • Fast Eddie, let me get you some fast fries, and you tell me if they taste as good as homemade french fries… Look… no doubt about it, WWE could make a low or mid-carder out of Styles, but it’s not to his advantage to sign with WWE. He’s a poor man’s redneck version of a CM Punk from what I see.


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