WWE Screws The Honky Tonk Man?, Daniel Byan Excited, More News


The Toronto Sun spoke to a number of WWE Superstars for an article on WrestleMania 30. Below is an excerpt from the article of Daniel Bryan talking about the event:

“I’m looking forward to going out there in front of 70,000 people and doing what I love to do. It’s exciting. Every year Undertaker goes out there and has the best match of the show, I want this to be the year that he doesn’t.”

— Former WWE Superstar The Honky Tonk Man posted the following on his Twitter account:

Check out a photo of Chris Jericho and his real-life son!


  1. ooh you had to buy your own ticket.. were you invited for some reason or just coming to get attention drawn to yourself. I’d guess the latter if you have to go online and post that.

  2. They probably bought him a ticket to sit with “normal people”. You’re not a famous or as important as you think you are, HTM.


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