WWE Surveys Fans on 12 Potential DVD and Blu-ray Titles


– WWE sent out a survey on Friday to gauge fan interest in potential DVD and Blu-ray projects for 2014. The list looks like this:

* Macho Man Randy Savage — Documentary plus matches
* Chris Jericho — Best Matches
* Shawn Michaels — Best Matches
* John Cena — Documentary plus matches
* Rhodes Family (Dusty, Dustin/Goldust, Cody) — Documentary plus matches
* Rob Van Dam – Best Matches
* Class of 96 (Rock & Stone Cold) — Documentary plus matches
* Batista — Best Matches
* Stone Cold Steve Austin — Austin picks his favorite WWE matches
* Daniel Bryan — Best Matches
* Best of WCW Pay-Per-Views — Best Matches
* Rey Mysterio — Best Matches

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