WWE Surveys Fans on 2014 Main Event Stars, TLC PPV Promotional Video

Posted by Steve Carrier on Thursday, December 12th, 2013

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- WWE uploaded the following promotional video to their YouTube Channel hyping Sunday’s TLC pay-per-view event:

- WWE uploaded the following promotional video to their YouTube Channel hyping Sunday’s TLC pay-per-view event:

- WWE issued a survey to fans earlier today asking which Superstars they would want to see featured in the main event in 2014. Here is a list of the Superstars they listed:

* Randy Orton
* Big Show
* John Cena
* Daniel Bryan
* CM Punk
* Bray Wyatt
* Roman Reigns
* Seth Rollins
* Dean Ambrose
* Damien Sandow
* Fandango
* Dolph Ziggler
* Alberto Del Rio

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  • Lawrence Crayton

    I see they forgot about Big E.

  • Ozzy TYSON

    Woowww. UNDERTAKER doesn’t even make the top thirteen…

    • Carter Williams

      The guy can only wrestle one day a year. Don’t get me wrong, Taker is still may favorite but he isn’t a full time competitor and hasn’t been for years. Honestly wouldn’t be surprised if this is his last WM.

      • Lawrence Crayton

        Undertaker already said, until the fans tell him “it’s time” he will keep going and the last time The Undertaker appeared, the crowd went nuts kinda like they did for D-Bry at the slammy’s episode.

        • Carter Williams

          He can say that all he wants but if his body tells him he’s done he won’t really have a choice. He’s had what, 2 hip replacements and 3 or more shoulder surgeries in the past few years and he isn’t getting any younger. I’d love to see him stick around for a few more years and doing more than one or two matches a year but you can’t fight father time.

          • Lawrence Crayton

            I can agree that father time is going to stop taker, but to me, to see Taker one or two times a year is better than not at all. If he comes back full time, he would definately have to retire, but he knows that fans want to see him at Wrestlemania. You know that it’s either going to be the best match on the card, or a close second. To have so many people anticipating is much better than having him there every week at his age. I personally like that The Undertaker is a Wrestlemania special attraction. WWE hasn’t had special attraction superstar since Hulk Hogan, granted it’s only once a year, but it’s a helluva once a year moment.

          • Carter Williams

            Fair enough, I do look forward to his once a year matches as they usually are the best ones on the card. I just hope Vince doesn’t decide it’s time for the streak to end or at the very least if does have to end it’s not against someone established like Cena or another attraction performer like Lesnar or the rumored to return Goldberg & Hogan.

          • Ozzy TYSON

            I’ve had lots of convos with lots of fans, and I’ve only
            come across one person who’s interested in seeing Lesnar in The Streak match.
            Noone thinks Lesnar deserves it, and Noone wants to see The Deadman’s one
            annual appearance wasted on a match we’ve seen before, especially not since
            Lesnar’s just a brawler now. Everyone wants to see The Phenom face either Sting
            or GOLDBERG. And everyone agrees Lesnar will probably injure ‘Taker…

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