WWE Teases The Undertaker’s Return


WWE is teasing the return of The Undertaker on Twitter. This afternoon, WWE released another cryptic “#RestinPieces” message referencing his debut appearance at the 1990 Survivor Series.

Born a survivor 11.22.90 #RestinPieces

Undertaker Return Teasers 2

The digits 11.22.90 point to November 22, 1990, which marked as The Undertaker’s debut. Additionally, WWE issued the following “#RestinPieces” message on Thursday.

“I have taken it upon myself to walk a path where no one else chooses to.” #RestinPieces

Undertaker Return Teasers 1

Backstage News on Who Undertaker Will Wrestle Next….


  1. I know Taker vs Brock for Mania is a go. But now that Hogan is leaving TNA I told my wife I wouldn’t be shocked if WWE does Hogan vs Taker, I hope not

  2. The Undertaker return after elimination chamber 2014 and his challenge at wrestlmania like chris jericho, brock or sheamus


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