Indy XWW ‘s “Xtreme Warefare” TV Taping next Thurs. May 16th

XWW ‘s “Xtreme Warefare” TV Taping next Thurs. May 16th

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XWW presents “Xtreme Warfare” TV Taping 
Thursday May 16th 
Club Hush 
Charlotte, NC 
7:30pm est. 


XWW Heavyweight champion Big Country, XWW US champion Sweet Dreamz, and XWW Hardcore champion Belton Creedmore in action…. 

Stro/Adamz II for No. 1 Contender to XWW Heavyweight championship 
Three Judges 
Former XWW US Champion “The Puerto Rican Lion” Eric Adamz 
XWW Commissioner Stro “The Maestro of Wrestling” 

Plus: Manny Mac, Just Us League, Jasen Cross, Garrett Sinclair, Sephilroth, Money Enterprises, and more stars of XWW 

XWW can be seen 24/7 Free on Demand in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas on Time WarnerCable channel 1083! 

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