Indy XWW’s “Xtreme Warfare” this Thursday May 2nd

XWW’s “Xtreme Warfare” this Thursday May 2nd

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XWW Wrestling
Now ON DEMAND Time Warner Cable Channel 1083
“Xtreme Warfare”
TV Taping
This Thursday May 2nd
Club Hush
Charlotte, NC
7:30pm est.
Main event:
Three way dance for XWW Hardcore championship
Big Country (new champion) and XWW Champion
Belton Creedmore (former Hardcore champion)
Justin Fireball
More on the aftermath of  this past Sunday’s XWW’s “Retribution 2013”.
New champions crowned!
Is Eric Adamz the new No. one contender to the XWW championship?
XWW Owner Justine to face Money Enterprises CEO Manny-Mac about spycam footage
What will XWW Commissioner Stro “The Maestro of Wrestling” announce about the upcoming next big XWW event “Blood, Sweat, and Tears 2”?
Plus more top XWW stars!
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