Zach Gowen Talks About Breaking Into WWE, Using Wrestling To Escape From Life & More


Former WWE Superstar Zach Gowen is now writing at Gowen posted his debut column talking about his unique story on how he broke into pro wrestling and WWE. He also writes on how pro wrestling helped him escape from life when he couldn’t cope. Here is an excerpt from his first entry:

“Pro wrestling helped me escape from life when I couldn’t cope. Pro wrestling provided me with common ground from which I could build foundations for lifelong relationships. Pro wrestling gave me a career and sense of direction when I needed it. My involvement with pro wrestling (more specifically WWE) saved my life when I was at a turning point. My subsequent recovery gave me my career back as well as the courage to pursue new career opportunities. To say I’m grateful for what this industry has done for me would be an understatement.”

You can read Zach Gowen’s debut column in its entirety at this link.

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    • He’s very active in the Detroit metro areas promotions. In fact he’s one half of the tag team champs with another handicap wrestler in a promotion called Clash Wrestling. Petey Williams wrestles there as well.

        • dude, if you loose a leg, make it to wwe, go through hell to cope with your personal demons and still be sane, let alone alive, let me know, ok ?? don’t be an insensitive fool, allie !!!

          • True that. This man deserves a lot of respect. Zack Gowen has more heart and courage than most wrestlers do. Its wrong to say he sucks because he only has one leg and is limited to what he can do.
            Quite contrarily, his handicap is what makes him unique. Remember Jim Abbott from the Anaheim Angels? He played baseball with one arm, and nobody said he sucked. He had some good years in the bigs too; and was even good enough to pitch for the Yankees at one time.
            Zack Gowen is unique, and in a good way too. He will always be a champion in my book.

        • You said nothing in 9 years, and I was pointing out that he’s done a bunch since then. Sure it’s not WWE level, or even TNA level, but its not “nothing”.

    • He moonsaults dropkicks and well that’s it.. Its not that amazing ,and you would think he would get in real shape consider itsmmost likely hard to lift anyone. I mean I give it to him living his dream with one leg but he’s weak and looks like he’s 14 and is very very limited he has no real place in wwe


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